Day Dreamers

Something new I’ve been working on is a more Art Deco version of the classic dream catcher. I take different colored wires and weave them together to create varied sized hoops, then I take sewing thread and weave the classic dream catcher pattern with seed beads. This creates a really pretty pattern that is then accented with a stone in the middle. I have several pairs posted in my Etsy jewelry section and always creating more. Below is a photo of my most recent creation and just love how they turned out! This particular pair was made weaving three strands of colored copper wire: blue, purple, and pink. I then used silver metallic thread and an assortment of different colored seed beads: silver, teal, blue, and pink. For the middle I chose a blue colored Freshwater pearl. They are then hung on silver plated earrings hooks. Only good quality items are used to make these exquisite earrings which average about 1.5-2 hours per pair. Definitely check out my site! I also do custom orders, :).



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