Vogue Men’s Suit 8890 Part 1

Hello all! I’ve decided to try my hand at another suit. This time using a wool suiting blend and hair canvas. So far I’ve managed to do the front and front side pockets twice. To me suit pockets are always difficult and it has been about a year since my last suit. The first go round I didn’t like how the flaps were laying down and sides of the pockets were puckering so I decided to make them welted pockets which I think look much better, although now that I look back on the flaps they weren’t so bad, I’m just a bit of a perfectionist. This is a Christmas gift for my boyfriend and trying to make it as professionally done as possible. Still struggled with the upper flap/welt pocket on the top left side. Still puckered and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get it to stop. I hope I can get it to lie a bit flatter once I pad stitch the hair canvas interfacing in. Below are the photos of the flap front pocket versus the welted pockets.



I must say hair canvas provides much better structure than the fusible light weight interfacing I used in the last suit. I’m also fitting this one as opposed to making it a surprise. I played with a muslin prototype for a bit and finally discovered how to get the sleeves in without the tops puckering, :). Overall I’m expecting this suit to turn out well so stay tuned for future updates! Below is a photo of the top left flap pocket.


The lines of the suit of turning out very well so far! I’ll be doing a navy blue lining and chose navy blue fabric for the pockets to match the slender navy blue thread stripe within the darker gray fabric.

Here is a link to the Vogue 8890 pattern.


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