Vogue 8890 Part 3: Sleeves

Success! Sleeves can be tricky and especially so when the pattern instructions tell you to put a ring of stitching around the upper sleeve ease in the access fabric. I found to put the ease stitching on he bottom section of the sleeve to not only work better but also gives the suit shoulders clean lines.

I believe I did and re-did the right sleeve about 3 times before I decided I had done it correctly. I had to cut out new pieces as I forgot to shorten the sleeves about 1.5″. I had made a muslin Proto-type in the beginning which is a necessary step for those of us (me) who are semi new to suit making and tailoring. I am glad I did as it helped me place the lines and sleeves better and the fit thus far is great.

For this suit I am using horsehair canvas and it really gives the suit great structure even if it is more work than fusible. I also discovered how to do button hole stitching on my Single Simple machine! Definitely makes doing button holes WAY easier than hand-stitching.

To iron out the shoulders I borrowed a iron ham from my roommate. This round stuffed device is great for ironing things like shoulder seems.

Next is the final fitting and inserting shoulder pads. I am using thin 1/4″ pads as my boyfriend doesn’t want large ones. Then it’s on to the lapel interfacing, lining, & collar. Halfway there!

It’s looking great so far now that I’ve gotten everything to lay as it should, :). I put in some pad stitching on the lapel side of the upper left flap pocket to make it pouf less and it did the job looking much better now.




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