Vogue 8890 Men’s Suit is Finished!

Hello all. I finally finished the time intensive endeavor by December 30th, just in time for my boyfriend to wear it for New Year’s Eve. He loved it and received many compliments. The inside blue lining compliments the outer dark gray fabric beautifully, the pockets were plentiful, and had easy access. I opted to not put the buttons on the inside jacket pockets and pants pockets. Overall it fits him nicely and only I know where all the errors were made, ;).

Had some difficulty with the pants waistband due to not paying attention to attaching the right side but I managed to fix it. I’d say men’s suit construction #2 was much easier than #1 but still challenging. I wish I’d saved photos from the first one for a comparison.

I had also made him a fedora but both attempts failed due to sizing, more on that in a separate post.

My next project will be a cloak using Vogue 8959, it’s almost finished so will be posting soon.

Below are some photos of the finished suit! Sorry they aren’t more professional looking.







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