Vogue 2481 Lorcan Mullany for Bellville Sassoon

I’ve made this gorgeous dress in the long form once before but outgrew it so decided to make it again! Love this simply elegant long dress with the added side roucheing. I used Vogue Pattern 2481.


I am between sizes so I used the smaller size and took out all the seams 1/4″ and due to being a DD I had to fit the bust a little and only had a 1/2″ seam at the top as well as opposed to the recommended 5/8″.

The roucheing I sewed each pleat a few inches in rather than basteing, with Taffeta I figured the holes would not look very nice and the pleats would stay a bit better.

I decided to use ivory lining for a more antique look when I couldn’t locate teal or black Bemberg lining at the local Jo-Ann’s. Due to this color change I found an ivory stole went well with the teal taffeta and went with lace for a more vintage look and added a sparkly brooch on the side of the roucheing to finish off this look.

Overall I just love how it all came together and fits so nicely. A trick I used to make the inside structure fit so well was to make sure I out in the boning so the slight curves all curved out from my body rather than in. This helped the inside structure maintain it’s natural shape to the body much better as well as not poke me!

As you can see I used a dress dummy (bought from Jo-Ann’s) to make sure I had a proper fit for the inner structure. I spent the most time on this section as it was one of the most important in order for the outer dress to have the right shape.


And voila! 🙂




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