Vogue 1419 Sew-a-long under/inter-lining

So I did a lot of googling and came across the suggestion of glueing my fabric to the underlining. Or in my case, the outer fabric and under-lining to the inter-lining. I received my navy wool-polyester gabardine fabric and LOVE it but needed some warmth so I purchased some Thinsulate from the local Nashville store Textile Fabrics and a rayon lining I purchased from fabric.com. Also gorgeous, :). Then from Jo-Ann’s I purchased a can of spray called Spray n Bond Fusible Adhesive, iron on. Basically you spray it on the back of the fabric you want to connect, then iron it onto the one you want. To ensure no wrinkles I am doing the outer layer first (the gabardine) then the under-lining (the rayon). And voila! This way I won’t have to baste all the pieces together and it’ll be easier to work with as there will not be any large un-attached spaces to give it all a smoother look. 🙂

These are the finished pocket welt pieces. The blue is the outside layer and the animal print is the interior.

And in this one you can see the three separate layers.

Check out those in charge of the sew-a-long at Lladybird and McCall Patterns.


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