Vogue 1419 Sew-A-Long Progress


So I have begun the process of putting together my coat! First I spent many hours spraying and ironing together my 3 layers of fabric to make the sewing process easier and boy am I glad I did! Sure the pieces are starting to come apart a bit after being worked with but overall they are sticking together well enough to complete the project without any crazy fabric bubbles.

Currently I have worked up to step 32: Attaching the sleeves (Progress can be seen in above images). About 1/3 of the way, yay! I’ve got the front pieces attached to the side pieces and that funky triangle gusset. Thankful for the tip through the sew-a-long of clipping up to the circle on the front pieces, makes the triangle fit so much more smoothly. The second piece went a bit more smoothly than the first, as is usually the case. That triangle portion is shown here:


And after making a few suits this pattern seems way easier, definitely less pieces! Haha. The seam bias binding is pretty easy for me, just takes some time. I use this method on all my purses so I’m used to it now. Of course the charmeuse can be a bit fun but I love how it looks. I’ve also decided to eliminate the basting step and just sew the seam down after pinning it. Now I did make another change to make sewing it easier for me. I trimmed the seams after sewing them, then put the binding on. This gives me a little extra seam binding so I don’t get any weird underlap from the rough edges of the coat seams. I tried doing it the way the instructions stated but then my binding never quite covered the rough seams which is the whole point of this step.

This is the step I am talking about where I pin it down, then I just sew it from the other side to ensure a nice straight line.


And this is the pretty little triangle area which will look better once the sleeve has been attached.


Overall very happy with the progress I’ve made so far. Always hard to stop but after poking my fingers a few too many times with the needles and becoming tired I decided to break at this step last night and continue later today, :).

And as always feel free to check out Lladybird as she shares her expertise as well as the McCall blog, 🙂


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