Vogue 1419 Pockets

A little late posting this one. Normally I hate welted pockets. I can never get them to lie flat, etc. but these turned out okay.


Started off by mapping out the sewing lines and triangles.


Then I pinned the welt to the coat making sure that the initial puncture point of each pin marked the same line I’d drawn to make sewing it on easier.


Then did the same thing with the pocket while also marking the sewing lines on it.


And voila, a prettily sewn piece of charmeuse pocket.


Then per the directions I cut along the pocket center line (used my fancy roller cutter to start it then scissors to finish and cut the triangles). Then after pulling the pocket through you get this beauty.


Then I put the coat fabric piece over it, pinned, and sewed along the outside using the 5/8″ allowance. I decided to attach underlining to the pocket pieces as well. I trim to the 1/4″ seam before adding the seam binding.


Then the fun seam binding. I cheated a little and didn’t slip stitch it and used the same binding I’d used throughout the rest of the coat. I’ll slip stitch attach it later.


And voila! A pretty welted pocket. I hand-stitched the edges of these pocket welts but machine stitched the other. Both methods work just fine. Still a bit puckery but still looks just fine.


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