Vogue 1419 Ralph Rucci Coat Finished!


Love how this coat turned out! Look great with a short dress and boots, :). Perfect for those fancier nights out or just because I want to wear my new coat.


 There is some puckering here and there but overall it looks great on so I don’t mind.


 These are the fancy bell sleeves with all the fun top stitching. Getting a lot of compliments on these!


The back. I opted to not do button holes in the belt (and honestly I totally missed that step in the instructions, oops!) but I don’t mind not having button holes. This way if I want to move the buttons around to tighten or loosen the belt I can do so much easier!


A closer look at those fancy shoulders. Love the lines on this coat. I did not do any baste stitching on the inside bias seams, just pinned them in place and top stitched it all together from the outside.


My welted pockets. Whenever I do single welt pockets I seem to always end up with some puckering at the corners no matter what I do so I just live with it. So most people on the street it’s not even noticeable.


Yay for these fun button holes! My boyfriend thinks it’s weird that both sides are “open” but it works and it looks really cool. I haven’t taken out the stays titch lines yet. The buttons I used are made of real shell, :).


And the super fun lining! I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on this piece. I was looking for fabrics to use for the underlining and came across this through a Google search at fabric.com. Love it! Goes perfect with the navy wool/polyester gabardine fabric I had found at Mood fabrics. And the buttons and Thinsulate interlining I used for extra warmth were both purchased from the local Nashville fabric store Textile Fabrics.

You can check out and or follow the sew-a-long with Meg at the McCall blog and Lauren at Lladybird.


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