Lion Brand Homespun Yarn Scarf and Hat

Made a matching very warm and soft infinity scarf and hat using Lion Brand Homespun yarn in their painterly series color purple haze.


The scarf was my very first knitting attempt. I had the silly notion I could start using a pattern and attempted to start Wise Knit’s pattern here. Hahahaha. I tried a few times and couldn’t sort out the whole knit and purl concept so I ended up just knitting the entire thing. Still turned out great minus adding a few stitches here and there and some holes. Good for a beginner’s scarf, :).


Next I attempted a simple beanie but completely misjudged how many stitches to cast on and made it way too big. Looked nice.


Decided to start from scratch again, ;).


Decided to make a pattern and came across this beautiful seed stitch beret pattern by Tiny Painter here.

I cast on 64 stitches as opposed to the suggested 40 and increased about 30 more to the seed stitch portion. If I make it again I’ll decrease the initial cast on to 56 or 60. Was a little loose. Overall turned out great minus a few wholes I later fixed due to missing a few stitches in the pattern here and there.



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