Butterick 5953 Part 1: Muslin


So excited to finally be making this pattern!!! Ever since I saw Gertie’s Butterick pattern for this retro dress I knew I had to make it. Pattern can be found here.

I’ve decided to make a muslin for this one since I want it to be fitted and wasn’t sure how much ease the bust had. I decided to make a size 16 for my 38-31-42 hourglass shape. Glad I made a muslin! Bust looks like it’ll be fine (I’d read how it had some ease) but I totally misjudged which side would face out and made my darts on the wrong side, oops! At least it looks like I’ll only need to take the waist in.


This is where having a dress dummy is amazing! I have a Dritz body double from Jo-Ann’s. Makes checking out the sides and back way easier!


Couldn’t find 1″ buttons to cover anywhere, very frustrating, so I’ve decided to go with 7/8″ buttons and will follow this tutorial I found on how to make my own instead of buying a special kit.

And using the following hunter green slightly stretchy polyester for the main dress and satiny animal print for the accents and buttons, :).



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