Vogue 8888 Slip FBA

So I have attempted my first FBA, full bust adjustment. And I think it has gone ok. Usually I just go up a size and adjust the darts from there. I looked all over but couldn’t find anything specific to making a FBA on a slip top like this where the cup is in 2 pieces, so I used Gertie’s FBA for her slip as a starting point and just kind of slashed the pieces at the same level on both sides as can be seen in the following pics. I then spread the pieces apart by 1″. Basically using the guideline of adding 1/2″ for each additional cup size. Patterns are usually a B so I made this one aiming for a D, I’m really a DD so probably could have added another 1/2″.



Then because I couldn’t find 9″ wide lace with a scalloped edge at Jo-Ann’s I went with lace by the yard and am basting the lace and fabric pieces together before sewing the pieces together as shown below.




And voila, I have the top two bodice/cup pieces made for slip in View D. The pattern can be found at Vogue here. I seem to have lost my piece 15 so I haven’t decided if I will make the seam binding between the cups and yoke…wouldn’t be that hard to sort out the dimensions of the piece that would be needed so may still do it. So far I’m thinking this should be a fairly easy project, not too many pieces and already have the “top” made. Hope to finish the rest soon!



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