Lace and Cables Knitted Hat

Was looking for another hat project and came across this beautiful pattern. I just started learning how to knit cables in a scarf I am working on (2 feet so far!) and a lace scarf I made. So why not combine the two? When you do you get this beauty, :).

I used the Slouchy Lace and Cable Hat from the wonderful site using Caron Simply Soft Party yarn in Teal Sparkle. It is free to sign up for Ravelry and they have loads of patterns to select from! I had a ball of yarn leftover from the flip top mittens I made and even had a little leftover. The brim is a bit tighter than I’d like in a “slouchy” hat. If I were to remake this pattern I would either start with size 5 circular needles instead of the advised size 4 or add additional cast on stitches. For reference I made the size large for a size 24″ head. My head is 22″ and this hat is a little tight. Also to make the hat a bit slouchier I would add another 2-3 sets of the 11 stitch pattern. Overall I do like how it turned out, :).

When casting on I opted out of adding the rolled brim and just started with a rib stitch and only stitched about 6″ of hat before starting the decreases. The trickiest part was figuring out how to add 45 stitches to the original 76 that were cast on. I added 1 new stitch for every 2 original stitches and then also added a new stitch for every 10 original stitches. Thank goodness I used stitch markers for this projects! So what that looked like for me was: K1, KFB (the add a stitch), K1, KFB, K1, KFB, K1, KFB, KFB, KFB. So basically for every stitch marker that had 10 stitches, each now has 15 until you get to the last 6, then it was just K1, KFB, K1, KFB, K1, KFB. You end up with fairly evenly placed set of 121 stitches, 11 sets of 11 stitches. Then I just followed the pattern.

Here is the hat on in multiple angles:


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