McCall Long Dress Shirt 6124

Decided to finally make  McCall 6124. I purchased several colors and yards of broadcloth through, the one used for this long shirt is this blue broadcloth. The plan is to make 2 short sleeved versions of length A/B, 1 long-sleeved version of length A/B, and a length E using sleeves A/C.

My first attempt was using length E with sleeves A/C, figured I can shorten the pattern as I go instead of trying to make a short one first and long one later. This first shirt was using size 16 and I added a 1″ full bust adjustment. My measurements are 39-31-42 for reference. I discovered this shirt is on the looser side which is fine since I plan to wear this tunic/dress with a belt but for the shorter ones I’ll make some fitting adjustments. I also discovered the size 16 was a bit big and will adjust the pattern down to a size 14 for the bust/waist. I’ve discovered with most McCall patterns they tend to be on the larger side. I’m also using non-stretch fabrics so ease is definitely needed. 

The first tricky part for me was the front facing. The instructions weren’t super clear on the folding/flipping part, I figured it out after a few tries before sewing. As can be seen in the montage below I sewed the facing to the front piece as instructed then sewed the bottom edge, then flipped it right side out and pressed it edge stitching the bottom as instructed.

Overall I’m happy with how it turned out, the FBA turned out really well, only the second one I’ve done and first time on a princess seam. This tutorial by Vogue was great. The only other thing I would do differently aside from sizing down to a 14 (I took most seams in throughout the shirt) would be to mark the button placements first without the pattern. Using the pattern markings you can see there is a slight gap in the fullest part of my bust.

I love the long length option, :). Also the cuffs instructions were a little tricky for the last step, didn’t realize they were supposed to be rolled up at first, haha. The shoulders are a little low but I attribute this partly to using a size too big.

And a few more detailed pics using my Dritz Body Double:


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