McCall Pattern 6124 Sleeveless

The plan was to make View B, a basic short sleeved button down shirt. Well in my zealousness to have a better fit I accidentally took out all the underarm sleeve ease (oops!) and decided sleeveless it is, :). I’m contemplating adding some sort of ruffle cap sleeve.


Overall I like the end effect, :). I kept the same full bust adjustment I had created on the previous tunic shirt here. But this time I made the waist and above a size 14 and the hips area a 16. And as mentioned above I took out all the excess underarm ease. I also decided to flat fell all my seams. So pretty! And no loose threads, :).


The collar turned out great


As you can see instead of slip stitching the facing and collar down I just edge stitched them down, pretty and WAY easier.


And the back is so pretty!


I also re-did the buttonholes so I had one at the fullest part of my bust to prevent that inevitable gap bustier women get and then spaced them out 3.5″ from each other using the center points. I ended up using 8 buttons instead of 6.

I like how it turned out even though I’m sad the cute little short sleeves didn’t work out. I really prefer arm nobility over fashion though.


But here is the cute sleeve I tried.

Shirt looks great with a bolero over it for work and will be wonderful in summer. 


2 thoughts on “McCall Pattern 6124 Sleeveless

  1. Thanks! Waiting for my order of Butterick 5526 before I make any more. It’s very similar but the princess seams look a little more centered and a more fitted style. I do like how it turned out, :).

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