So Many Projects!

I really need to stop buying new patterns and fabrics…

Currently I have the following 10 patterns that I either haven’t even made once yet or plan to remake due to gaining a few pounds. Mostly muscle! Haha.


Excited for this one. I have Googled this pattern and seen so many great projects with it. It seems the seams are in better spots and a little more shaped than the McCall one I’ve made twice now. Plan on doing the princess seam view with long sleeves. I’ve purchased the following two gorgeous fabrics for it from Jo-Ann’s:


Love that plaid!


First I think I’ll finally make these Simplicity Amazing Fit pants and add some pockets. I just realized they have no pockets!!! I have the subtle light grey polyester suiting fabric from Jo-Ann’s to use as well as a beige stripe. We’ll see how well I like the pants first. I’ve seen some positive reviews.


I bought some beautiful red stretch Italian polyester fabric from Mood Fabrics to remake this dress. Previously I’d made the first silhouette to the left on the bottom but it’s way too small now and think I’ll remake it on the style of the silhouette on the right next.


And of course swim suit season is just around the corner so I thought I would try my hand at making my own suit out of some of the spandex I have leftover form making my running/workout leggings. I think the purple sparkly zebra print would look great. And of course a cover up. I made the ruffles one last time, might make the longer version this time.


I’ve had both of these for awhile now. Just need to pick out the right fabric at the right sales price. I received the sad news that Textile Fabrics in Nashville is closing, :(. Also means I need to check out the sales fabric. I really do hope they find another location.



These are newly purchased, just need fabric. Love the retro look, :).

  And this this has been on my list for awhile to make the view A as a sheer tunic. Haven’t been searching for fabric for this one.

And to order the Ginger Jeans pattern and make my first pair of jeans.

Also some jersey cotton knit to make these Rosy Ladyshorts, my own underwear.

And still more on the wish list. Never enough spare hours!


4 thoughts on “So Many Projects!

  1. You have some gorgeous projects to keep you busy – I’m drooling over here! You are brave to tackle the swim wear – not sure I’m up for this one yet! Looking forward to seeing your makes soon.

    • Thank you! Actually I think the swim wear will be one of the easier ones. From the reviews it’s often sited as an easy pattern and definitely simpler than the suit jackets! I feel like if you can tackle a suit jacket you can tackle most anything after that. I used to be scared of working with knits but now I love them.

    • Thanks! This will be my first too, :). Was hard deciding which pattern to make but this one has several pattern reviews already out there and I liked the halter top. Good luck!

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