Simplicity Pants 2860 Fitting Trials

Finally getting around to making these pants from the pattern Simplicity 2860. Love the idea of slim, average, and curvy shaped pieces. I went with curvy based off of my crotch length and depth per the measuring advice and a size 16. I added an inch to the crotch length per my measurements adding half an inch to the back and the front pattern pieces. I probably would have been better with a size 14. I notice that happens often, I measure to match a size 16 but I always end up taking it in and wishing I’d started with the size 14.

Overall fit is good. Front looks great, side looks good, back has weird lines. So I started researching advice for fitting pants and found some great resources. For this pair I used:

The Colette Patterns Pants Cheatsheet

NMSU: Making Perfect Pants

A Fashionable Stitch

The below collage is my first attempt, the back needed fixed and maybe the sides taken in a little.

Then using Colette’s Cheatsheet I thought the issue was crotch depth due to seeing what looked like to me as “smiling lines”, so I lowered the crotch. I also tried taking in the inner thighs, the outer leg seam, etc. As can be seen below none of these helped resolve tha back issue.

Then I read through the sew-a-long by A Fashionable Stitch and tried adjusting the inner thigh by taking out the back and leaving the front as is. Basically I made the front the 5/8″ seam allowanace and used a 3/8″ seam allowance on the back piece. As seen below this had a MUCH better effect on the lines in the back. Yay!

Still not done but finally getting there. I will also be adding simple side seam pockets because everyone always needs pockets!

Learning a lot about pants in making this pattern. They seem so simple with so few pieces, but getting the fit right in the back has been a trial. Maybe the average with only one back dart would have been better but working with what I have at the moment.


3 thoughts on “Simplicity Pants 2860 Fitting Trials

  1. I have this problem with pants in a bit more extreme way. I have to make another muslin of the pattern I’m working on, but I’m sure I solved it before by slashing from crotch curve (near the crotch point) down to the inseam, leaving a hinge, and spreading by a small amount (since you’ve already done 1/4″ maybe do 3/8″?).

    • I can try that. I’ve also been tempted to completely draft my own pair using a tutorial I found. We shall see. Part of it was starting off a size too big and the pants are a little too wide. May try the average next and make the necessary adjustments.

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