Simplicity 2860 Pants: Done!

The first pair of pants I have made for myself are done! I’ve made two pairs for men and let me say, men’s pants are so much easier to fit! The actual construction of the pants was fairly easy and straight forward, it was all the fitting adjustments I struggled with. I made a size 16 curvy which had a good starting point for crotch depth and length but I discovered was too wide. I also should have started with a size 14 like I usually end up doing despite the pattern measurement advise. Overall they turned out well for having used the wrong size, not adding enough crotch depth, and using cheap polyester. Next time I believe I will try the size 14 average and make any necessary adjustments and a better quality fabric. This fabric is great for a muslin but not so comfy to daily wear.

The front turned out really nice after I took them in a bit. Can still see a hint of the zipper though. And I forgot to add the ironed creases before taking pics.

I almost got all of the bagginess and creases out of the back! I think I spent several hours trying to resolve this issue and in research. Finally taking in the back seam about halfway up the back helped immensely as would having added additional crotch depth, basically needed more curve.

The side is great! And the pockets turned out wonderful. So glad I put those in. Just did a simple in seam pocket addition using a pocket pattern piece from a previous pattern. Craftsy has a great tutorial here.

Close-up of the pocket, :). I also put a belt on to test the belt loops. I made mine just a tad too big. Plus for me it is so high up on my waist compared to pants I usually wear more at mid-rise that I don’t feel the need for a belt.

Pretty proud of my zipper, :). The pattern said to use a 7″ zipper, I ended up cutting off a good amount of zipper. I also started with a 9″ since that’s what I had in my stash.

Loving the contrasting interior waistband fabric! Also, instead of slip stitching it I just stitched the ditch on the outside which as can be seem in the above photo is not only barely visible but also way easier and quicker.

Some more pocket photos because I am so proud of how well they turned out, :).

I made sure to sew the pockets in with a 5/8″ seam as the rest of the side seam I had at 1′ to ensure the interior fabric to be barely visible.

This was before I finished the waistband and all my edges. Loving the overcast stitch option on my sewing machine! With this cheap polyester the strings were unraveling pretty bad. Also for the pocket I did a french seam to hide away the unraveling bits of fabric and also for a sturdier pocket.

And blind hems, this is another wonderful feature of my sewing machine. Can’t even see the stitching, :).

I remembered to hem a small bit on the cuff this time before stitching the blind hem.

Overall I would say my pants look pretty close to the Simplicity 2860 pair of pants. The overall fit is good, would be better with a wool or stretch fabric. I will probably give this pattern one more go unless I find a better option with pockets and a mid-rise option.

Now on to future projects!


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