Butterick 6019: Finished!

Been working on this one for a week and so happy to finish it, especially as my sewing machine busted right as I was over-casting the waist seam. So sad about that but as it’s about 5 months old it should be under warrenty. So the buttons for the strap will need to wait, but I may just permanently attatch the halter strap. This is the amazing Butterick 6019 pattern by Gertie. Her stunning version can be found here as well as links to the bodice and horsehair braid hem tutorials I used. I went with the size 14 D cup pattern sizing and version A. Love that full skirt! All my bodice adjustments can be found here. Definitely had to make a few. It took me about 3 tries but I got it! I wanted it to be supportive and full coverage. I do wish I’d purchased some steel boning but the feather lite plastic boning is ok. I also added 2″ of length to the skirt and took the waist up 1/2″. Perfect!


As you can tell from my center back crease (shoulders pushed back too far), the center back seam is spot on! Also some great shoulder/upper back definition from my Aerial Silks class, ;). It took me about 2 hours to properly fit the zipper. I did the lapel zipper which was easy enough after making the pants but I had to do it about 3 times before the fit was right.


And it took many hours and lots of stitching, pinning, and seam ripping but I finally got the bust profile I was aiming for. And that hem! It took awhile being about 5.5 yards but I did it! Using the horsehair braid made the process so much easier. I ended up choosing 1/2″ wide polyester braid and rolling it up twice so it isn’t visible.


And the obligatory spinning photo to show off that full skirt, :). We’re having gorgeous weather here in Nashville today!



7 thoughts on “Butterick 6019: Finished!

  1. Hi,

    I just saw your dress in my Threads magazine and had to stop by to let you know how amazing it is. I ordered some fabric to make one for myself, but I’m so glad I found your tutorial first – especially since I’ll need to do an FBA too. Strapless dresses are always a challenge for me so I’m glad this one also has a halter strap.

    Congrats on being in Threads (best sewing magazine ever)!

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