So Sew Easy Cowl Neck Sleeveless Top

So excited about this shirt! This is a pattern by So Sew Easy available here which can be purchased through Craftsy for $5.95 and she also has a free video tutorial on her site too.

I had some leftover fabric I purchased from for another Pneuma tank and really wanted to make a work shirt out of it. The front and back pieces were just a little too big for my leftover fabric so I cut them in half and voila, enough fabric!

The instructions are great and this sews up quick, I didn’t even read the instructions for most of the construction due to its simplicity. I opted to not add the back facing or shoulder facings and instead just did narrow hems so had I had more fabric this would have only been 2 pieces. I also hemmed the rough edge of the cowl. Other than using 1/2″ seams for the sides I made no adjustments to the size 4 (blue line) I cut out other than the 1″ I took off the bottom of each piece.

As seen above you can see the stitch lines of where I separated the top and bottom sections. In the original pattern this isn’t necessary as long as you purchased enough fabric.

I neatened up my seems using a stretch overcast stitch and rolling the hems in twice accept for the cowl neck, just rolled that hem in once. I put in about a 1″ hem on the bottom, I didn’t measure it so not 100% on that one.

Overall super easy and love it! I made it using a cotton/polyester lightweight jersey blend.

Side view:

Back view:


6 thoughts on “So Sew Easy Cowl Neck Sleeveless Top

  1. Awesome. I love how you were do creative with the fabric to use a piece otherwise too small. And the finished top looks great on you. Thanks for trying out my pattern and linking to it.

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