Simplicity 2600 in Faux Leather

I am so happy with how this bag turned out! I’ve seen the Simplicity 2600 pattern around on the internet and was debating on making one when I saw this bag done by TrishStitched.  I thought it looked fantastic! So I did some research and ended up with this beautiful dark brown fleece backed vinyl for the outer portion and pretty clock themed cotton for the interior from Jo-Ann’s. My boyfriend also has a slight obsession with clocks, ;). I have never sewn anything like this before so went back to Google and discovered I needed a walking foot made for vinyl type things so it wouldn’t stick when sewing and a denim universal needle so it could puncture through the fabric. This post by Sewing Parts Online was so helpful!

I made a few changes and added a few things to make the bag just right. First of all instead of cutting out 2 separate pieces for the front and back parts of the main duffle I cut out one piece and instead of one front pocket and one side pocket I cut out a front and back pocket and made pockets on both sides. I also lined these with the cotton fabric to cover up the awful fleece on the back of the vinyl.

Then for the handles instead of making one large loop and attaching to the bottom I made 2 pieces and attached them from the bottom of the pocket to about an inch above the pocket.

Instead of trying to fuss with turning the handles inside out, I folded over the 1/4″ seam allowance to the inside and top stitched the straps on both sides. During this whole process I found the use of paper clips instead of needles for the vinyl to work wonderfully!

I am so proud of my shoulder strap! I cut out a long piece about 60″ long and 3″ wide. I wanted a strap that was 1 1/4″ wide after I folded it in half and sewed up the seam allowances. I also made loops for each end of the bag so the shoulder strap could be detachable. The tricky part was adding the slider to make the strap adjustable. I managed to do all of this without breaking my machine or a needle! I have a Brother cs6000i sewing machine. I doubt I’ll be sewing with thick vinyl again anytime soon as my machine isn’t really made for this kind of work but glad it all turned out so well. He was super surprised!

And using a tutorial by So Sew Easy I made my own bias tape out of the lining fabric. I sewing it into a tube though, oops! After battling with bias taping one side of the duffle I cut the bias back in half and the other side went way smoother and looks so much better!

I also made a matching faux leather luggage tag, :).

So impressed with how great this bag looks and overall how easy it was for the most part, :). And large! As seen by the last photo it can hold a lot!


And a pic with the birthday boy!


4 thoughts on “Simplicity 2600 in Faux Leather

  1. This looks AMAZING! Thanks for sharing my bag, and getting inspired to make your own! The clock fabric is perfect and I love the way you did the hand straps, so much cleaner! I didn’t have enough time to make the luggage tag but yours came out so cute. You are also very lucky that your boy actually took a picture with the bag… one day i’ll get my boyfriend in a picture… one day. Great Job!!!

    • Aww, thanks! Yeah, I wanted to make sure it would withstand all the weight he would pack into it. I had so much fabric! I went off the 3 yard guideline but used 56″ wide vinyl so I have plenty leftover to make myself a purse.

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