OAL2015 Progress

So I have decided to participate in the Outfit-A-Long 2015 presented by Lladybird and Untangling Knots. First step was selecting my pattern and yarn. I decided on McCall 6924 and Andi Satterlund’s Vianne. Below is an up close look of the yarn I selected, a gorgeous silk/merino/rayon blend purchased through Craftsy.com. It is Classic Elite yarns Avenue in carnation.

I decided to start on the cardigan first as it is easier to cart my knitting around than my sewing and figured it will take me some time as I am a slow and fairly new knitter. I took the advice and knitted a swatch. First one was a bit tight, second was too loose, so then knitting more like I usually do I ended up with a swatch just right. Like the Three Bears, ;). I washed it, let it dry, and “man-handled” it before I measured the gauge. Andi has some advice on her blog here on how to knit a gauge for a loose gauge project such as this one.

As you can see I started it! Here is a pic of the cardigan and the dress I plan to make along with the gorgeous cotton voile I purchased through Fabric.com.

And the upper back! I had to cast on a few times to get the pattern going correctly and even then I had to undo a few rows here and there but I ended up with what looks like the correct pattern and the right number of stitches for the medium size I chose, ;). Andi suggested using a cable cast on or long tail here, I chose the long tail method.

The tricky part was figuring out how to cast on the upper right front to the back piece…after a few tries I figured it out. I read Andi advice on picking up stitches after the fact.

And finished the upper right front! I’m almost finished with the left upper front as well. In my newness I used the only make one stitch I’ve learned and after knitting the entire upper right front I realized it was the wrong one for this pattern, oops! Andi states to use a M1 method and I used a KFB method, knit front back. It just creates a slight extra bump in the fabric but still looks good, just making sure I use the same one throughout the pattern for consistency.

And voila, my current attempt to try on what I have. I think it is going to turn out so pretty!



3 thoughts on “OAL2015 Progress

    • Thanks! I just knew I couldn’t wear the cutout one Lladybird chose to work and I always need more work clothes. I’d been eyeing this one for awhile.

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