New Toys!

Thank you to everyone who voted for me in the Threads Magazine SewStylish Spring contest! My prize was a gift card to Jo-Ann’s and I splurged, :).

This was round 1. I feel so professional now! I invested in a pretty pair of gold handlers Gingher scissors which are WONDERFUL to cut with. So smooth. A little on the heavy side but that’s ok.

To help me in my pattern making I invested in a 4 for 1 tool: straight edge, hip curve, French curve, and cut out slots. Yes, I am totally geeking out over a fancy ruler, ;). Next investment will be a Craftsy pants making course once I have the funds.

One of my next projects is silk so I got some pins to use with silks and lighter fabrics.

To make hemming easier I got a Dritz hem curve. WAY easier than measuring the hem out, cuts my hemming time down considerably.

And a jean-a-ma-jig for when I make my foray into jeans making someday.

I don’t have a pick of round 2 but it included some things to make my knitting life easier: gauge reader, row/stitch clicked, and end stoppers for double pointed needles.

I also got some beautiful white athletic material to make my 2nd Jalie skirt and needles. Lots of universal needles in various sizes which is great because I just broke my needle today.

So yeah, I’m way too excited about fun seeing and knitting supplies but that’s ok, :).


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