So Sew Easy’s Date Night Wristlet

I’m always looking for clutches I can use to hold my essentials for those days I don’t want to carry the kitchen sink and Deby’s Date Night Wristlet at So Sew Easy is perfect.

It has a padded pocket for your phone, removable wrist strap, and 8 credit card slots. I made mine without the strap being removable because I couldn’t locally find the right size swivel clasps

 My first one is purple batik with a brown batik interior using 2 fat quarters total. I didn’t have fusible fleece so just sewed in some regular fleece which worked great for me. Love it! I made this up in a couple hours from cut to finish.


Then I decided to try my hand at quilting. I went to a summer camp that had an honor system where you participated in different activities to get emblems. It was a Camp Fire camp. There were three top honors: Gypsy, Voyager, and Vagabond. Vagabond is the highest and is represented by a dark blue pataran, aka star. Hence the background on the design. I grew up at this camp so this honor holds a very special place in my heart.

Was trial and error but I figured out what size pieces to cut out and put them together into a block.

I then appliquéd this to a rectangle measured out to the pattern main piece dimensions. Beautiful!

Then I put the purse together per Deby’s directions with only one other change, quilting the back main piece.


Finished my first quilt block!!!

This second purse turned out even better than the first, :). Overall a pretty easy pattern and the perfect size for a day or night out.



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