Outfit Along 2015: Finished!

IMG_0757                     IMG_0756

I have finally finished my Vianne cardigan!!! Actually, I finished it a few days ago, just finally got around to compiling and taking photos, ;).

This was my first knitted garment beyond scarves, hats, and mittens. I guess this was kind of like a large mitten with the adding sleeves. Andi at Untangling Knots had great advice as did the online forum over at Ravelry.

Casting on took me two tries due to my counting issues…but overall very proud of my sweater, :). Once I had the upper back completed I had to learn how to pick up stitches to start the fronts…took some time but I figured it out. Yay!


Some photos of the work in progress. Once I had all the pieces (upper back, upper front left, and upper front right) I started knitting it all as one piece. Once I sorted out the usefulness of stitch markers life got WAY easier! I would put one right before and after each 9 stitch panel section which helped a lot once I started increasing and decreasing the regular knit parts in between panels.

Was so excited to start the sleeve caps! I’ve never done short rows before so the technique scared me but once I started it turned out to be really easy…as long as I kept count. Had to undo a few rows here and there. And yes, I am holding a ball of yarn, was still a work in progress, ;).


I also had to redo the first shoulder cap as I had gotten a couple rows off center and knew it would bother me. It’s always sad when one needs to undo several hours of work but it was worth the effort.

As was the need to redo my sleeve. I followed the pattern but the sleeve was too loose for my preferences so I undid it up to the sleeve cap (the short rows) and redid it much smaller, even smaller than the XS size. Wow, so much better. Something someone advised me of is the nature of silk is to lengthen…so perhaps not the best material for this particular project but it still looks and feels nice. I used Classic Elite Avenue yarn in Carnation, a merino/silk/rayon blend. As can be seen below, the sleeve in the left side of the pic was much looser than the right side.

And voila, finished! I was so excited. For the buttons I decided to fabric cover my own using the cotton voile from the dress I made to go with this cardigan. Took a few tried but I found the right bit to use. This first photo is of the front. Love the pattern.


And the back, which looks amazing with the dress.

Had to get a close up of the buttons, ;).

Which means I finally got to learn how to block a sweater. Lots of great tutorials out there. I decided to go with foam backed poster board and just use my regular sewing pins. Once measured out and pinned I put it under a fan for a few days. That was when I discovered the nature of silk versus wool. It doesn’t really shrink, it gets longer. So my waist crop top sweater is more of a regular length one now.


But it looks great with the dress!
See what I mean about the back?!?! Just beautiful.


And all together on me, :). These were taken right before I went out to Nashville’s Red, White, and Zoo. Was great! Got unlimited red and white wine samples and even some food. Plus I got to see a few animals, :).


And so versatile! Looks great with my new dress too! Which I will blog about later, ;).


Overall I rated this pattern medium in difficulty for myself as it is my most challenging project to date but overall wasn’t too difficult. The pattern repeated a lot and I had prior experience in knitting ribbing and in doing lace work. The hard bits for me were picking up stitches and keeping track of my counting. Now I have a handy stitch/row clicker counter!


4 thoughts on “Outfit Along 2015: Finished!

  1. I agree — this is a great combo. You did a really nice job on your first cardigan. I love knitting with fancy yarn like your silk blend. I just finished a lace yoke tee out of a silk/tencel blend and it is delightful (you might like the pattern). It is definitely worth it to rip and reknit when something isn’t right. So much more satisfying in the end!

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