Colette Dahlia Version 2 in Silk

I’ll apologize in advance for two posts two days in a row but I was just so excited to finish this dress, ;).

This is the Dahlia by Colette, a gorgeous pattern. My initial plan was to try to make a copy cat of their green silk dress but then I saw this beautiful blue silk from the local shop Textile Fabrics that is more of a lining but I think it makes a great summer dress. They are having their pre-moving close-out sale with everything 60% off!

Tah-dah! Overall the pattern was really easy to follow. It took some time as I decided to finish all the seams using a French seam and then at one point I accidentally attached the front skirt panels wrong. So I had to re-cut those pieces, thankfully I had enough leftover fabric, and redid the front pieces. I’d already cut, trimmed, and French seamed them. So taking them apart wasn’t really an option. I did make a small full bust adjustment of 1″. I made up a trial version using the regular pattern but was a little too tight so I’m glad I made the adjustment. Colette has a wonderful sew-a-long with lots of great tutorials for both versions of this dress. Her bust adjustment tutorial was so easy to follow. I just did the waist gathers only version since it was only 1″. I also underlined the top pieces and the yoke pieces for added fabric strength and also for modesty. It is a very thin fabric. I didn’t have enough to underline to skirt panels but it’s easy enough to wear a half slip under it.

And my invisible zipper work. I ordered an invisible zipper foot and am so glad I did! It made the process 10 times smoother, as did properly ironing the coils open. Threads’ guide to seam finishes for silk was very helpful in selecting the best seams for my garment. As mentioned earlier I used French seams for the dress, but not really an option with zippers, ;). For the zipper seam I turned them in under the zipper tape and sewed them to the zipper tape to keep those pesky fringes under control. I also overcast the edges of the seams before doing this. Looks pretty, doesn’t it?

And voila, a beautiful invisible zipper. Only had to take the zipper out once due to massively not matching up the seams of the yoke, but all fixed.
This one took some time, but only because I wanted to make it look really nice and finished. For the hem I turned it down to the inside 1/4″ and stitched it down, then turned it under another 1/2″ and put in a blind hem using my blind hem stitch on my machine.

This is the back. Another small change I made was to mark off 3″ for the front bias strap and 1″ for the back. Looks great!

And so versatile! I can dress it up for work or a night out by adding a lace shrug (made this one using So Sew Easy’s pattern).


Or a little more casual with my knitted Vianne cardigan, ;).

Or wear it alone on a hot summer day like yesterday! Whew it was hot yesterday, heat index of 114!

And as always, need to explore and check things out, plus a pretty side view, ;).

Overall I really love this pattern. It is simple with beautiful lines and very versatile. I definitely plan to make a wool version of version 1 for the Fall, :). My only regret is that this silk wrinkles so easy, but it also dries super quick!


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