Pneuma Tank Take 2

Love this pattern! This is the Pneuma Tank pattern by Papercut Patterns and my second one (1st one found here). Decided to make the sports bra in a size medium this time and the tank in a size small like last time and it worked  out perfectly! I lined the sports bra with swim suit lining bought from Jo-Ann’s and the exterior is a navy blue swimsuit fabric and the tank is a rayon print, both from I LOVE this print and have also made a sleeveless cowl neck shirt out of it too blogger about here.

 A close up the sports bra before I added the tank:  

As can be seen I’ve hidden all the elastic. I followed the pattern stitching it to the outside fabric first, then turning it under. During this step I added the lining simply folding up the seam allowance (the width of the elastic) and then using a twin needle to stitch the two together.

 A bit of a close up of the twin needle stitching. I did the bottom band twice, once on the bottom and once right at th top of the elastic to ensure it stayed in place. 
And then I ironed the elastic to give it some stretch back…too hot for the spandex and I melted it, :(. Several hours of work with a seam ripper I was able to save the elastic and lining. This thing was put together well! Each elastic is basically zig zagged and 3 piece zig tagged 2-3 times and then twin needle top stitched the bottom back and upper edges…

I made sure to tuck the tank pieces into the sports bra for a more finished look. And overcast all of the edges.


And the strappy back! I used fold over elastic which works really well. This tank will ever only be a yoga or Zumba tank for me though, not compressing enough for running.

Overall an easy make, :). And beautiful.


And this shot took lots of running and jumping but I managed to get a good one! I’m flying!

And this tank looks great with jeans for a night out too!



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