Colette Patterns: Clover Pants

Yay, finally pants that are comfortable and look pretty good! These are the Colette Patterns Clover Pants. Lucky for me they had a similar construction fit to the shorts I made and there is an AMAZING sew-a-long tutorial here.
These are my wearable muslin, :). I wasn’t sure if they white fabric would be too sheer but luckily it’s just fine without an underlining. I also bought some nice black fabric with pink stripes to make another pair.

Looks so pretty, :).
From my experience and frustrations in pant making I had an idea of which adjustments needed done already. I made a small full bust adjustment and then added 1″ to the front and back pieces for my assumed long torso. After finishing the pants I discovered the additional waist height was not necessary and now the waist is too high and the waistband too loose. So I have plans to cut off that additional 1″ and just cut out new waistband/pocket pieces rather than take a seam ripper to all that stitching…understitching, stitching the ditch, etc…blah. Or maybe I’ll leave it…I’ll give it a few days (wears) thought.

I will admit, the pockets are a little odd, but hey, pockets! These are actually a decent size and were super easy to put in.

Otherwise I just followed the directions as written and voila, a pretty decent fitting pair of pants, :).

Thumb in the pocket looked better than my hand, :). And I cropped the length to mid-calf from the originally ankle length I had cut out. Perfect for the summer business casual work season.


Overall this was a great pattern. I had the fabric cut out and put together on about 6-7 hours, that’s including time to fit, adjust, take out stitching, etc. Next pair will be much quicker!


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