Jalie 2.0

So I’ve done one post of this already here, that was the trial run using leftover cheap fabric. I finally got around to finding a really nice white performance fabric from Jo-Ann’s and made the real one! This is Jalie 2796.

Round 2 was much easier as I already had all the pieces created and the mechanics down. Only made a few changes. First I top stitched the elastic band I put inside the waist band at the top to prevent the weird moving around the elastic does in the first one and added gripper elastic to the shorts.

Gripper elastic is not fun to sew! Even my special sewing machine foot made to work with sticky materials struggled but I got them in. Only to realize they were now too loose. Ugh! Love this white fabric but it tends to stretch out while sewing it. It’s ok though, seems like it will hold up well. Taking it out for a test run tomorrow.

UPDATE: survived the 7 mile run with no riding up! Yay! Everything stayed put and was super comfortable. :).


Used my small wooden boards to press down the pleats as I cool ironed the pleats in. Worked really well. This material pressed a little better than the blue stuff. And feels amazing!


And of course I had to add my back zipper pocket for my car key. This too also went smoother. I did two things different: 1) I stitched the outline of the zipper area through both the waistband and top internal pocket pieces and 2) stretched out the band a little.


My favorite part of these running shorts are they have TWO side pockets of significant size, as in they are large enough to hold an iPhone, :). Basically it’s that area from the two rows of stitching near the middle and that elastic top area.

I also added about 4″ to the waistband, although with this material that probably wasn’t necessary but it does make attaching the waistband to the skirt easier.

And voila, awesome running skirt for only half the cost of an expensive Lululemon pacesetter skirt, :). These shots were taken at dusk so they are a little dark. I was just so excited! :).




And that pocket! One on each side, :).



2 thoughts on “Jalie 2.0

  1. Awesome!!! I really love this and how you’ve done it. Some great tips too. Melissa at Fehr trade has also used silicon dots for stopping the shorts moving. I don’t know what they are but might be worth a look?

    • I saw that but wasn’t sure where to get them. I tried puff paint on the trial but that failed. I have plenty of this silicone stuff though and it works so well! The shorts are actually a bit loose but don’t move at all.

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