New Clutches!

So I’ve decided to do a craft fair or two this holiday season and have revamped my line a little. Instead of making the larger purses which take awhile to make and quite a bit of materials, and as a result a higher price tag, I am focusing on my smaller bags.

I’ve taken Deby’s Date Night Wristlet pattern and made a few changes. I use a shorter zipper (only 9″), put in 6 card slots instead of 8, I don’t add any fleece lining, and I make the exterior out of faux leather (aka vinyl) purchased from various vendors or leather from jackets I find in thrift shops.

Honestly I got tired of switching stuff out of my wallet into a smaller purse for going out. So now my wallet is my going out bag. I don’t keep my checkbook in it, but that’s what the big purse is for, ;).

And they look fantastic! The first one I made was out of a thick dark brown faux leather found in my shop here that I lined with some leftover dark blue silk. It holds quite a bit! some tips I have learned on working with vinyl are:

  • You can use pins if they are place in the in-seam but clips work best. I actually just bought some binder clips. I’ve used paper clips and they work ok but not great on thicker vinyls. Clothes pins didn’t stay on very well but binder clips stay on great!
  • I used my regular medium fabrics universal needle for these but leather needles work so much better! There are two sizes but I went with the 90/14
  • Trace out the pattern rather than pin it to the vinyl
  • Mind thick layers, my machine doesn’t handle too many very well. I also only have a Brother cs6000i. Not technically made for these materials
  • Use a 4mm length when stitching

The second I made out of leather I cut up from a jacket and then lined it with the lining from the jacket! I put in my own zipper and used some bought clips, but other than that it’s fully re-furbished jacket, :). That one is here. My tips for working with leather:

  • Many are the same as vinyl: wonder clips rather than needles, use a leather needle, trace and not pin pattern to fabric…
  • With this particular leather my Brother cs6000i had no issues sewing it even with a regular universal woven fabric needle
  • I used a 4mm stitch length and polyester thread. Cotton will break down over time.

And my most recent is a white faux leather made from a vinyl I found at Jo-Ann’s. It feels so soft! I lined it with guitar fabric and it looks fantastic.

Have so many more to make!

And don’t they just look so cute in front of our gnome?


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