Simplicity 2648 Dress

You know how it is when you made something but it no longer fits but you really liked it? Well that’s how I felt about this Simplicity Amazing Fit dress. Originally I had made it out of this cheap red polyester fabric with no stretch for $15 total, pretty awesome deal there. And of course I made it fit like a glove so when I gained a size I couldn’t even zip it up anymore. So I decided to make another but using View C this time and a gorgeous Italian red stretch polyester suiting from Mood Fabrics. This was a dream to work with. The perfect thickness for a work dress. Slowly enhancing my business casual wardrobe. Also figured as long as the fabric has a little stretch it will fit longer, ;).

Not a lot to say about this pattern. It’s a fairly easy make, only took me about 6 hours to put together since I had most of the fitting issues sorted out already. And honestly, there wasn’t a whole lot of fitting involved with this dress. I wasted about an hour cutting out 3 sets of bodice front pieces. Usually I have to do about a 2″ FBA on all of my clothes now so I figured with the D cup piece I would still need to do 1″ (G cup – B cup difference = 5″. G cup – D cup difference = 3″, so 1.5″ per half). This was way too large and the seams were way off center. So I scaled down to a 1/2″ FBA, still off, so then I went with the original D cup pieces and perfect. The pattern provided enough ease that the size 14 D cup pieces needed no adjustments other than a nip and tuck here and there around the arm hole/sides. I’ve learned early on to always size down one size with the big 4 commercial patterns. My measurements put me at a size 16 but the one time I made that size, the dress was way too big. Once I sorted out the bodice front the rest was easy as the instructions are written really well for both the fitting aspects and the putting together portions. I made the size 14 D cup pieces and average size skirt pieces.

I made a few other changes to the pattern. I’m not a fan of facings. They never lay down like they should and with polyester knit, they don’t exactly iron down the best. So I used the neck line facing but tacked down the edges and for the arm holes I skipped the facing altogether as there wasn’t very much not covered by the sleeve caps. I just put in a narrow hem for the rest and over cast all of my seam edges to prevent fraying. Next time I’ll just make some self bias tape and bind the seams. For the seams I used my wooden pieces to press down on the fabric after ironing to help make the seams stay put. I don’t have a fancy clapper but discovered any bit of wood words well. It’s basically just to protect your hands from burning and wood doesn’t melt, :).

The other change I made was to add 2″ of length to the skirt pieces as my job is restrictive of skirt lengths. And it turned out to be the perfect length! I also opted to just put in a regular hem instead of a blind hem.

Overall an easy make and very happy with how it turned out, :). I didn’t put the faux belt on it as I will most likely always just wear a belt with it.

And photos of course!

And a few with the black belt. 🙂 



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