Fabric Label Making

So this is more of a useful items post than actual sewing. I make my own purses for sale and have been making a lot of my new wardrobe and decided I needed labels to put in my things. So I did some research and tried out this tutorial by Sew Many Ways.

I bought some 100% cotton muslin from Jo-Ann’s and tried to fuse wax paper to the back…either my wax paper was too old or iron not hot enough but this did not work for me. So instead I ironed on some light weight interfacing and then stitched that interfaced fabric to a piece of printer paper on one short side and one long side. This actually worked really well.


As for a program to make labels I just used Word. The easy way is Word labels where you can type in your name; adjust the font, color, and size; and then click ok and it will fill out the whole sheet. But then it would’t let me add images in the way I wanted them to look. So I created a photo box for the image I wanted to use and a text box for my name. Then I activiated tile view so I could see better on how to evenly space out my rows and columns which is great because it doesn’t show up when printing. Then I just copied those together (selecting both the image box and the text box before clicking copy) and pasted the rest until I had 3 columns and 11 rows totally 33 labels per sheet. The sheet above was printed before I had reduced my text size from 16 to 14, so it had fewer labels per sheet.

So I printed off a sheet of my interfaced 100% white cotton muslin sewn to a piece of printer paper, let it dry for about 30 minutes, ironed on high 2 minuted to set the ink, then ran through cold water. And the purple ink faded, :(. I’ve learned later that pre-washing the fabric and using some sort of color fast treatment would have worked in getting the ink to stay.

Instead I purchased these wonderful printer friendly and ink jet friendly color fast sheets from Amazon. Perfect! So much easier! With these I don’t have to iron on interfacing or sew to a piece of paper or anything. I just stick the sheet in the printer. Looks like the price has gone up since I purchased these. These are the June Taylor brand but there are others too.


With these you do the same thing:

  1. Create your label template on your computer through word or another template such as those by Avery.
  2. Print off your label pattern from word or whatever other program you are using
  3. Let dry for at least 10 minutes
  4. Set the ink by running your iron over the sheet. Set your iron at high (cotton) without steam and DO NOT PRESS, just glide it over with a light hand for 1-2 minutes. I always do 2 just to be on the safe side.
  5. Run it under cold water (no fading this time!)
  6. Then iron again on high heat until the sheet is dry.
  7. And voila, your own sew-in fabric labels!

They look so nice sewn in!


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