Flannel Carolyn Pajamas

Yay! I recently underwent some surgery (nasal) and finally had a chance to make up my new pajamas! This pattern has been on my list for awhile now and I finally got the fabric, cut it out, and just needed to put it all together. It’s the Carolyn Pajamas by Closet Case patterns. I’ve seen many a blog about these and wanted a pair of my own. Especially since my current pajama pants had some holes…

I had these put together in a few days (sooner if I hadn’t had to take any breaks). The instructions were perfect and very well detailed. I made a size 14 bottom and size 12 top and didn’t even need to make a full bust adjustment! Love it when I don’t need to make a lot of changes to a pattern. These have the perfect amount of ease, a great shape, and fit really well. I used a plaid but didn’t attempt to match everything, still worked out really well. I did work to match the pocket, ;). Look how great that matching is!

Not much else to say. I followed the instructions, made no adjustments. I made view A, the one without the cuffs, in a flannel I bought from Jo-Ann’s. I did have to get creative with my interfacing as I didn’t have any on hand long enough to cut out 1 piece for each facing. I ended up cutting 2 separate pieces for each side but it worked out just fine. I went with French seams since I didn’t want to have an issue with fraying and have yet to purchase a serger. I hemmed as much as I needed to be at an appropriate length.

I want to make a charmeuse version now with piping and cuffs, :).

Love how the collar turned out! Closet Case describes this process so well and it was probably the easiest collar I have ever put into a shirt.



The pants. I thought they were a little tight in the crotch curve at first but now that I’ve worn them a few times I think they fit just fine. Love the pockets!

The full outfit

Back view

Side view


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