Havar Sweater Dress

I decided to stretch my knitting skills and try my hand at knitting a dress. I am so happy with how it turned out!!! I decided to make the Havar Dress on Ravelry by Kessa Tay Anlin. Overall a great pattern and the designer was so helpful when I had questions. It was definitely a challenge but overall I think it turned out really well. I opted to not put in the pocket. She designed the dress to hug your curves but the way it has been written up makes it so easy to make whatever sizing adjustments you may need to do.

Most of my notes can be found on Ravelry here. I had some trouble sorting out when and how to do the Front and Primary Back decreases, but I sorted it out by just starting them all at the same time on their respective rounds. As for sizing I chose the middle one but then added some bust increases up to the second to last size and then decreased back down to the middle size. I may have bound off “within the triangle” a tad early but I think it looks pretty close to the designer’s photos and I added about 1″ to the cowl neck.

I chose some vintage style buttons from Jo-Ann’s, could only find 4 and as I ended up making a total of 6 button holes I used two plain black ones from my stash for the inside ones no one will ever see, ;). As for my button hole spacing I decided to put in a hole every 1.5″, the pattern doesn’t really specify but I used 1″ buttons so found this to work.

Sweater 2

And the finished dress!!!

Sweater 3

It fits perfectly! I usually put a long sleeved shirt under the top and wear it over jeans or leggings. A bit short for me to wear it as a dress so I’ve coined it a tunic. The yarn I used was Berrocco Vintage, wonderful to work with and so warm! And as I have a loose knit I used a size 5 needle rather than the recommended size 6. I ended up with about 2-3″ of negative ease but as the dress is so stretchy this worked out well and the pattern is designed to have negative ease. Took me about 5 months working on it off and on but well worth the time and effort.

Sweater 1

And a side view

Sweater 4


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