Enclosed Litter Box/Side Table

I’ve been noticing a trend towards making enclosed litter boxes for cats out of furniture or into furniture. I thought this was a great idea and did some research. They are expensive! So I made my own.

First I drafted out the measurements and determined what was all needed: a lot. Here is the original sketch.

So me and the boyfriend went to Home Depot and got everything. Had to go back a few times but the general total cost was about $100. Much cheaper than the $200-300 ones I was looking at. We used some pre-sanded hardwood plywood for the top, bottom, and sides and poplar 2×2’s for the corners.

We used L-brackets to attach the pieces and wood screws. Here are some progressions pics. Cutting the cat entrance was a process! We didn’t have an electric saw so between a drill and hand saw we got it, :).

Look how nice that turned out! Used 2 sets of magnetic closures for the doors, some decorative hinges, and two door knobs.

And then I stained it using Espresso oil based wood stain by MinWax. Before staining we had to take all the hardware off (hinges, magnetic closures, and hinges). This took about a week due to rainy weather. Did two coats. Then another week to varnish also due to rain, used 3 coats, also oil based MinWax.

Look how lovely it turned out!




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