McCall’s 6757 Pants

Found my sewing mojo again and feeling productive, finally getting some projects finished! First up on my list: pants. I used McCall’s 6757, a Palmer/Pletsch pattern. This one has two included, a skirt and a pair of fitted pants with some flare. As I was in dire need of more work pants I went with the pants first. This pattern is fantastic!!! I’ve tried making pants a few times and so far the only pattern I have had any luck with has been Colette’s Clovers blogged about by me here and her shorts pattern, Iris, blogged about by me here. Colette also has great fitting advice on her blog with a cheat sheet. Back to the McCall pants.

The pattern instructions first go through how to fit the pattern paper pieces and make adjustments before even cutting the fabric out. These do not have any negative ease so that was doable unlike with the Colette Clovers which have negative ease. After trying on the paper pattern with the 1″ seams pinned and 5/8″ crotch seam I decided a few changes needed to be made: take off 1/4″ from the front inseam to allow for my thighs, add 1″ to the back rise, and add about 1/2″ to each side of the waistband to take into account my new 1/2″ waist seams. After making the pants I came to the conclusion that I didn’t need to add that 1″ to the waistband. The other adjustments worked out perfectly. I also used the pattern guideline for making a low derriere adjustment using the 3rd lowest line. The only pattern adjustment I made was to add belt loops per Colette.

After refitting the paper pattern things seemed good so I made a muslin out of non stretch material even though my final material would be stretch. It was only a slight stretch. Muslin looked pretty good! The back had some odd creases but that was because I put the zipper in so fast.

pants muslin


Now it was time to cut out the good fabric, :). And don’t worry, I did a practice welt pocket on the muslin first since the first welt I sew usually loops terrible. After I cut out the pieces the first steps were to put in these fancy no-gap welt pockets. The instructions look daunting but are really not too difficult to follow. Just be aware that step 13’s picture is wrong, it should really look like this:

backwads pocket piece

Other than that they instructions were great and I ended up with really nice looking welt pockets, :). Just need to remember to use my pressing cloth when working on the right side of the fabric.


I used this fun peacock fabric for the pockets, :).

pretty pocket

And voila, two amazingly done welt pockets and belt loops, ;).

belt loops


And the rest of the instructions were pretty easy to follow. I ended up putting in 1″ side seams and inside seams, and 5/8″ for the crotch seam, front seam, an zipper. I also used the 5/8″ seam allowance for the waist band and serged all my inside seams.

Look how great they turned out! 🙂

pants front view 2

Side view:

side view

And back view:

pants back view 2


13 thoughts on “McCall’s 6757 Pants

    • As for leg width I didn’t make any changes other than taking 1/4″ off the front inseam. Once I had the right seams (1″ in my case) they fit really well.

    • If I make them again I’ll take out the inch I added to the waist band and maybe make them have a front zip instead of a back zip. I realize now adding a belt would be such a pain! Haha

      • Yeah, I can imagine it would, lol. If you really want to fine tune the fit, you may also try shortening the front rise by a smidge to eliminate the front whiskering. I have that issue too. But please don’t take that as a criticism. I would be over the moon to have a pair of pants that fit as well as yours! 🙂

      • I had thought about doing that. Someone told me I needed to let the front crotch out, definitely not the issue! I know because I’ve had that issue many times in my pants making trials.

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