Wren in Floral

As soon as I saw the new Wren dress pattern by Colette Patterns I knew I had to have it. Love the look and lines of both versions and lucky me, I had enough fabric to make both in my stash! I decided to make the Version 2 first with the flared skirt and love it.

After reading a few reviews I made a few changes. First I lengthened the bodice by 1/2″ in the front and back and added a 3″ FBA to the front as well. This was a little tricky and took me about an hour and 10 trials but finally figured it out. I used the tutorial by Jennifer Lauren. She wrote up a great step by step tutorial on adding an FBA to a knit garment without adding in bust darts. It still pulls slightly but overall it fits really well. As a result I ended up adding about 1 3/4″ of length to the neckband facing portion. Then for the skirt since I wanted it longer for work I added 3″ of length. That was easy enough to do just but cutting along the slash lines and adding some extra paper.

So for Version 2 I wanted something flowy and had the perfect floral knit in my stash from a Jo-Ann’s purchase many years ago.


The overall construction was pretty easy until I got the to the sleeves. I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t realize I had started following Version 1 instructions for the top pieces, oops! So the sleeves were sewn on after I had already stitched up the side seams. Just made it a little trickier. Then I tried to make attaching the skirt much harder than it was. I found some clear elastic but it wasn’t the best quality so I ended up just using some 1/4″ knit elastic I had in my stash and it worked out great. I used my twin needle on my regular Brother cs6000i for the hem of the neckband facing, sleeves, and skirt and serged all of the other seams with my Brother 1034D serger. I had this dress together pretty quickly, within a few hours, :).

The other major change I made was to add pockets. I think I added them a little too low (placed them 3″ below the waistline). I used a pocket pattern piece from another pattern and cut out 4 pieces from the same dress fabric. They aren’t perfect pockets by any means but they are functional, :). I also pick stitched the faux wrap closure shut in a few places for security sake, ;).

Pocket in wren

And voila, a beautiful Wren in version 2, :).

Dress front 1

Back View

dress back view

Side view

dress side view


5 thoughts on “Wren in Floral

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  2. There is so much debate on the link to the FBA you posted, about the technique, that I started to wonder if it really work correctly. Did you ease what would’ve been the new dart into the side seam or do the slash/rotate way? And did you address the added width to the waistline in some way, or just leave it? So many questions!

    I did a “cheater” FBA on the Wren I made a couple of weeks ago by just lengthening the bodice (which works for me sometimes!) and it ended up a bit wonky, but still wearable. I ask all of the above since I really need to do an actual FBA for the next one…

    • I did exactly what she said to in her instructions. So basically you do an FBA the usual way creating 4 quadrants, then you cut straight up on the inside line of the bottom left piece and rotate it up, basically removing the dart. I skipped drawing the long dart and just drew a straight line from the point in the shoulder to the inside bottom right bottom piece, then you cut this line and rotate the left side in to meet the right side (all at the bottom) to get rid of the extra created at the bottom as a result of the slash and rotate to remove the side dart. I can’t really explain it better than Lauren did with photos. In the end it doesn’t look like much was added but with knits not a lot more needs to be added and it all ended up working great for me. My piece was definitely larger than the original so I knew something had happened. I don’t see how this would work on a woven very well.

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