I began knitting with the idea that someday I would be able to make a pair of socks (and to stop chewing my nails so much!). Well, I finally made socks! Found this pattern on Ravelry by Tian Foley called Twin Peaks. They are a knee high socks with some cabeling on the top and a little on the heel with the rest being a simple rib knit. These socks have been finished for awhile now, just finally getting around to blogging about them, ;).

I made no changes to sizing and they fit great, :). A little loose around my foot but a good length. Finished them just in time for the warmer weather, ;). Love that cable pattern!

I did run out of yarn on the second sock but only when I began the toe decreases and I had a dark blue in my stash so it’s really not that noticeable. Plus it’s the toe and most people won’t even see it.

But yeah, I made socks, :).
More pics!


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