McCall’s 2447: Vest

I made my boyfriend 2 vests last month and finally getting around to blogging about them, ;).

I used two patterns: McCall’s 2447 and BurdaStyle Jason Vest.

I made the first vest out of this gorgeous blue floral cotton twill I had used for my Steampunk corset. We went to a Time Traveller’s Ball, so of course we had to look the part, so I made myself a steampunk costume and made my boyfriend a vest to match, :).

The actual construction of the McCall’s 2447 vest is very easy and straight forward. I made a muslin first of course and ended up taking about an inch out of the top of each side to have a more fitted vest. The welt pockets on the pattern are more decorative so that’s where I used the BurdaStyle pattern. For the first version I had attempted to design my own pockets using a men’s suit pattern I had used before and they turned out ok but for the second vest I wanted something a little nicer.

Here are the pockets of the blur floral version.


Front and back views, fit is pretty good.


And of course in costume! (I made the suit for him a couple years ago).

blue vest


Second vest was much nicer and meant to be more of a “normal” vest, ;). I used this gorgeous fine wool made by Ralph Lauren. It is a navy blue with slightly different shade of blue dot pattern. This is the vest where I used the pocket bag/welt pattern pieces from the Jason vest. I ended up doing the pockets twice as I forgot to interface the welts on the first round. I was so made at myself, but it turned out really well, :).

Here are a couple pics of the vest on my dress form. You can see the very nicely done welt pockets and then the other pic shows the inside. Since I saw some fraying of the corners of the welt pockets I put some of my liquid no fray on the pocket edges and button holes.

And ready for a night out!

wearing the nice vest

Love this pattern, pretty easy to make up a vest in a short amount of time, :).


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