Closet Case Bombshell

This is probably my favorite photo of my newest swimsuit, looks like it belongs in a perfume ad or something, ;). This was taken while hanging out on deck 10 of my cruise to Nassau and Havana! Cuba was so amazing! As was having the chance to snorkel in the Bahamas, :).

I LOVE this swimsuit!!! This is the Closet Case Patterns Bombshell swimsuit in version B with the ruching in front and back. Their sewalong is super helpful too.

I was having trouble sorting out how to best do an FBA (full bust adjustment) and after emailing Closet Case, I came to the decision to just use the size 20 halter cups instead of a size 12 according to my waist measurements. I used a size 12 waist, grades to a size 14 hips, and size 20 halter cups which I sewed onto a size 12 base (went according to my underbust measurements). The only adjustment I would make in sewing this again is to sew the elastic with a tad more stretch in the cups, otherwise, I sewed it as is and it perfect!

The gorgeous exterior polka dot fabric was purchased from The Fabric Fairy. I also purchased their largest size of foam swim cups in nude and swimwear elastic. I love The Fabric Fairy’s swimwear fabrics! They feel wonderful and look beautiful.

I used my Brother cs6000i for the elastic and basting but used my Brother 1034D serger for all of the seams. I chose not to sew the swimwear cups in, but instead, I just tacked them down so they wouldn’t flip around every time I went to wear my swimsuit and wash it.

And of course, I had to have a photo shoot on the beach while in Miami!

This was my attempt at getting a photo while jumping, none while in the air, but I liked this one.

Just a couple flat shots on the back patio:


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