Rock ‘n Roll Running Skirt

Been awhile since I posted. Been super busy! I’m making bridesmaids dresses for a friend’s wedding (coming up in 2 weeks!), teaching, and working on my master’s…and training for a half-marathon.

Of course, I needed to make a new running skirt for the half-marathon, ;). 1) I’ve lost about 15 pounds, 2) Because I can, ;).

I went with my Jalie 2796 pattern. Had to go back down to a size V. I didn’t have time for the fancy pleated version I made the first 2 times but I feel the original pattern shows off the guitars better. The fabric is the performance knit from Spoonflower. Love it! I used a contrasting teal color from a local store.

Other changes I made: lowered the waistband about 3″ so it hits right below my belly button; adding non slip elastic to the shorts leg openings; adding elastic to the waistband; and added 2 waistband pockets! This last bit was a little tricky. Used the basic construction pattern of the Sloan leggings with adjustments.

So I cut out 4 pieces of about 2 1/2″ by 4″  out of swimsuit lining so I could make 2 pockets. I made them just big enough for a gel each. First I stitched each pocket to one side of the waistband (exterior and interior waistband pieces) at the top. Then I pinned the pieces together and stitched along the top going around the pockets as I went so they didn’t get sewn shut. You can see the teal stitching along the black in the photo below. The line of stitching below the black pockets on the teal is from attaching each side separately, not stitching the two teal pieces together. Need those open at the top!

Then turned the waistband right side out and pressed the top seam well on a low heat setting.

And here you can see how the pockets looks on the inside.

And this is the pocket view from the top side.

They each fit a Gu perfectly!

I basted the bottom part of the waistband closed as per the instructions but not before I put in my elastic. I didn’t have the 2″ wide I usually use, but the 1 1-2″ I bought worked just fine. I like the extra secure fit it gives and it also helps the top waistband lay down flatter.

The rest of the skirt was constructed as usual with no issues. Now I have a new skirt for the Nashville Rock ‘n Roll half coming up this Saturday! It snuck up on me, but I feel pretty ready. Just hope the weather cooperates!

Never enough pockets! When attached the waistband I made sure the side with the elastic was against my body and the pocket pouch was facing towards the outside waistband, if that makes sense.

Pic of me wearing it of course, ;). This was taken during a 5k I did a couple weeks ago, had to give it a few test runs first of course.

PUG Alison and Jalie 2796

I made my own sports bra!!! And it fits pretty well, :). So tired of spending so much in sports bras from the store so I’m pretty excited, :).

The sports bra pattern is Pinup Girls Alison. It’s a front close sports bra which is awesome, no wrangling it over my head.

The actual construction is pretty simple and easy. Only adjustments I made were to take in the sides about 1/2″ on each side and use a 1″ wide elastic for the band since I didn’t have any 1.5″ wide on hand. The wickable black exterior fabric and pre-molded bra cups I got from Bra Makers Supply.

Overall I really like how it turned out and fits. Next time I would make the arm holes a bit larger as they are a bit tight. Next time I am going to try Green Style Creations Endurance Bra once I get my supplies.

The Jalie running skirt was also pretty straight forward as this is my 3rd make, first one not adding my customized back skirt pleats. I like to add a 2″ wide elastic to the waistband and hemmed everything 3/8″ instead of 3/4″. The fabric is this amazing wickable Under Armour brand from our local sewing store.

I’ve run 6 miles in both of these and they are pretty great. The shorts didn’t ride up at all and the sports bra delivered minimal bounce.


And best part? Pockets on each side!!!

Sophie Swimsuit = Awesome!

Finally writing up this post! Been on vacation, which was wonderful. And I got to wear my new swim suit!

I’ve been wanting to make a bikini with a foam cup bra top and hadn’t gotten around to trying one of my bra patterns yet. Then I saw the Sophie Swimsuit by Closet Case Patterns and I just knew I needed to have it. Loved the top and the high waist bikini bottoms and the slimming style of the color blocking option.

Ordered my floral print from The Fabric Fairy. Amazing selection of fabrics, was so hard to chose! The navy I had leftover from another project, I’d post a link but no longer carries it, :(. Was the Enso swimsuit Lycra or something like that. I thought it paired perfectly with the floral. Closet Case patterns recommends bra lining in the cradle of the top but as I didn’t have any, I used some supplex from a bra I had made which was pretty un-stretchy. As for thread I just used polyester and serged all of the inside seams. I already had extra long size 44 underwires in my stash and picked up some 3/8″ swimwear elastic from Jo-Ann’s and had an S hook from making my last swimsuit. The lining was also from Jo-Ann’s: swimsuit lining. And I ordered power mesh from The Fabric Fairy for the front center panel of the bottoms.

Heather does an amazing job with the instructions and has a video tutorial ($49 but includes a PDF version of the pattern) for anyone who wants a little extra.

Now the top was a little tricky for me as I was outside the cup range and her advice on increasing the cup size didn’t work for me. I ended up tracing the pattern size for a wire line 44 (size 20 cup #2) and grading the width out to a size 20 cup #5. It’s still a little small but pretty close!

Here is an image of my paper pattern pieces showing the original size 20 cup #2 size and the rest is the cup #5 I graded it out to. Basically I just traced the size 44 wire and then tilted the paper to add out to the wire size 50 line.

Otherwise I just followed her instructions and ended up with a pretty awesome swim suit!

I just need to either widen the straps or place them further in. As is they cause the top of the cups to gape a bit and not withstand swimming so well (fall down a bit).

Very slimming! And love the coverage of both the top and the bottoms.

And a back view of course.

Absolutely love this pattern! Plan to make another with some cat fabric I have leftover from another project, :).

Photos were taken at Oak Street Beach while on vacation in Chicago. Photos taken courtesy of my boyfriend, :).

Aurora Tank

I’ve subscribed to Seamwork Mag for a few months now but haven’t had a chance to make anything yet. Finally got around to putting the Aurora tank together and wow, was super easy and quick! I used a rayon jersey so could have been quicker…but overall I see more in my future as summer running tanks. I have a cute cat print on an easier to work with knit I plan to make next. It’s such a flattering design. If anyone is interested in subscribing to Seamwork Mag, if you use my code you can get half off your first month! Just click this link, :). A subscription is pretty awesome, each issue has great articles and for only $6/month (with my link the first one is only $3!) you get 2 patterns, and you can pick any of the patterns from the start of Seamwork, not just that month’s patterns. And you can cancel anytime and keep your patterns. I think I am about 3 months in, ;).
Back to the review, ;). Per reading other posts I was more of a medium on the chart but decided to cut out inbetween a medium and large size. Turned out great but a tad wide in the shoulders so I think I’ll just do a straight medium next time.

It’s only 3 pattern pieces, the front, back, and yoke which you cut two of. So the hardest part is attaching the yoke to the front straps, which really wasn’t difficult except for the fact my fabric was slippery and didn’t want to cooperate with me. Love rayon jersey for running shirts though. It has a nice, lightweight feel, :). My measurements are 40″ bust, 31″ waist, 42″ hips. And nope, no need for a full bust adjustment with this one!


Unfortunately with the busy pattern you can’t see the cute pleat detail I the upper back under the yoke.

Definitely making more!

Jalie 2.0

So I’ve done one post of this already here, that was the trial run using leftover cheap fabric. I finally got around to finding a really nice white performance fabric from Jo-Ann’s and made the real one! This is Jalie 2796.

Round 2 was much easier as I already had all the pieces created and the mechanics down. Only made a few changes. First I top stitched the elastic band I put inside the waist band at the top to prevent the weird moving around the elastic does in the first one and added gripper elastic to the shorts.

Gripper elastic is not fun to sew! Even my special sewing machine foot made to work with sticky materials struggled but I got them in. Only to realize they were now too loose. Ugh! Love this white fabric but it tends to stretch out while sewing it. It’s ok though, seems like it will hold up well. Taking it out for a test run tomorrow.

UPDATE: survived the 7 mile run with no riding up! Yay! Everything stayed put and was super comfortable. :).


Used my small wooden boards to press down the pleats as I cool ironed the pleats in. Worked really well. This material pressed a little better than the blue stuff. And feels amazing!


And of course I had to add my back zipper pocket for my car key. This too also went smoother. I did two things different: 1) I stitched the outline of the zipper area through both the waistband and top internal pocket pieces and 2) stretched out the band a little.


My favorite part of these running shorts are they have TWO side pockets of significant size, as in they are large enough to hold an iPhone, :). Basically it’s that area from the two rows of stitching near the middle and that elastic top area.

I also added about 4″ to the waistband, although with this material that probably wasn’t necessary but it does make attaching the waistband to the skirt easier.

And voila, awesome running skirt for only half the cost of an expensive Lululemon pacesetter skirt, :). These shots were taken at dusk so they are a little dark. I was just so excited! :).




And that pocket! One on each side, :).


Pneuma Tank Take 2

Love this pattern! This is the Pneuma Tank pattern by Papercut Patterns and my second one (1st one found here). Decided to make the sports bra in a size medium this time and the tank in a size small like last time and it worked  out perfectly! I lined the sports bra with swim suit lining bought from Jo-Ann’s and the exterior is a navy blue swimsuit fabric and the tank is a rayon print, both from I LOVE this print and have also made a sleeveless cowl neck shirt out of it too blogger about here.

 A close up the sports bra before I added the tank:  

As can be seen I’ve hidden all the elastic. I followed the pattern stitching it to the outside fabric first, then turning it under. During this step I added the lining simply folding up the seam allowance (the width of the elastic) and then using a twin needle to stitch the two together.

 A bit of a close up of the twin needle stitching. I did the bottom band twice, once on the bottom and once right at th top of the elastic to ensure it stayed in place. 
And then I ironed the elastic to give it some stretch back…too hot for the spandex and I melted it, :(. Several hours of work with a seam ripper I was able to save the elastic and lining. This thing was put together well! Each elastic is basically zig zagged and 3 piece zig tagged 2-3 times and then twin needle top stitched the bottom back and upper edges…

I made sure to tuck the tank pieces into the sports bra for a more finished look. And overcast all of the edges.


And the strappy back! I used fold over elastic which works really well. This tank will ever only be a yoga or Zumba tank for me though, not compressing enough for running.

Overall an easy make, :). And beautiful.


And this shot took lots of running and jumping but I managed to get a good one! I’m flying!

And this tank looks great with jeans for a night out too!


Jalie 2796 Meets Lululemon Pace Setter


I have been admiring the Lululemon Pace Setter running skirt ever since I saw a friend wearing one. I thought they were so cute but I just couldn’t get myself to spend the money ($58). So I did a lot of Googling on patterns out there and what others have already done and I discovered the Jalie 2796 pattern which you can purchase as a paper pattern or download as a PDF through their website here. This pattern is fantastic as is and there are so many blog posts and reviews about it that all look great, but I really wanted that pace setter look. Jalie also has lots of sizes which is great, I went with the size V. So I went about trying to figure out how to create the back of the skirt. I used the Jalie pattern pieces for everything else, love those side pockets! Then I came across Amy’s Sporty Sewing in Bamboo Jersey post. She does a great job recreating this look in fun colors. I decided to go with the 2 tiered look. So I then set about figuring out how to add pleats to the back piece of the Jalie skirt. I discovered Sew-Loli’s tutorial here. Worked out great! First I started by tracing out the back pattern piece onto 4 pieces of printer paper so I could trace out the two tiers and pleats. The Lululemon skirt has 8 pleated panels up top and 10 on the bottom so I measured the top of the skirt and divided that by 8 and spaced them out evenly and did the same for the bottom but dividing by 10. Then I measured the skirt piece from top to bottom which was about 14″, then divided the layers so the top was about an inch shorter than the bottom. As you can see I made a dotted line, that is my connection spot where the bottom layer will attach to the top layer using a row of double top stitching. I then traced each section onto my pattern paper (just general tracing paper I bought in a big 50 yard roll) and numbered each panel. These examples are of the bottom tier pattern piece. For the top each panel was 1 5/8″ wide, I then added spaces of about 1 1/4″ inbetween the panels, for the bottom the panels are about 1 11/16″ wide with spaces of about 1 1/8″ inbetween. After number the panel pieces I cut them apart. Then I spaced them out on a piece of tracing paper taping each piece down then cutting out the new piece. And voila, my 2 new pieces. To make cutting easier I then folded the piece in half, pinned it, and cut out one of each. I pleated them by folding the access fabric of the pleat over towards the right and then ironing them down. After some advice I learned using a piece of wood to press on the pleat until it has cooled helps it stay so much better! As mentioned earlier, I attached the bottom pleated section to the top at my dotted line, about half way down the top piece, where the top stitching is. Then I attached it to the rest of the skirt pieces per the pattern directions. IMG_0309 Then I decided I want to add a back zipper pocket. After looking at a skirt I already owned with a back zipper pocket I measured it out and created a pattern piece measuring 5″ by 2.5″ allowing for 1/4″ seams. The zipper portion is 3″ across and 1/2″ wide located 1/2″ down from the top of the waistband piece. I measured this out by folding the waistband in half first and centering it over the back seam. So Sew Easy has a great tutorial here. I used 2 pieces of fabric not sewing the bottom together until I attached the waistband to the skirt. It’s not a perfect zipper but works for now considering this is my practice skirt, ;). Then I just followed the Jalie pattern in attaching the wasitband to the skirt then the shorts. I also added a 2″ wide elastic band into the waist band for added structure. So upon finishing attaching the waistband to the skirt I tried it on…uh oh. I forgot to stretch the fabric when adding the zipper, so 3″ of no stretch and just overall way too tight! So I took it out and added 3″ panels of fabric to each side to match up with the side panels and voila, much better fit! Essentially I added 6″ to the waistband pattern piece. Turned out really well! Just need something that will allow the shorts to grip so they stay put. Can’t wait to order some nice white supplex for my planned project. Anyone order from Peak’s Fabrics? I’m curious about their LLL yoga fabrics for a running skirt…. Thanks! Pics of the finished running skirt:

And of course some shots taken outside:

The Front


And a running pose!