Bloomsbury Sweater

Catching up on my blogging, ;). Finished up the Bloomsbury sweater on May 17th. Love it! As soon as I saw this pattern roaming the internets I was in love with the lace patterns on the sleeves and back. This was my second sweater project, first pullover. I used Lion Brand Heartland yarn in the color Acadia.

This sweater is knit from the top down to enable trial fittings as you go along. I only made 1 change and that was to add an additional waist shaping decrease and hip shaping increase to ensure I had the right number of stitches at the end. I had heard it was a bit loose in the waist and as I wanted mine a little more fitted I added a second, :).

Because this sweater is so stretchy I didn’t make any alterations to the bust and just knitted a straight medium since I knew that would be what my shoulders and waist are. In retrospect I should have added about another inch to each sleeve but it’s ok.

More pics of the lovely details, :).