Enclosed Litter Box/Side Table

I’ve been noticing a trend towards making enclosed litter boxes for cats out of furniture or into furniture. I thought this was a great idea and did some research. They are expensive! So I made my own.

First I drafted out the measurements and determined what was all needed: a lot. Here is the original sketch.

So me and the boyfriend went to Home Depot and got everything. Had to go back a few times but the general total cost was about $100. Much cheaper than the $200-300 ones I was looking at. We used some pre-sanded hardwood plywood for the top, bottom, and sides and poplar 2×2’s for the corners.

We used L-brackets to attach the pieces and wood screws. Here are some progressions pics. Cutting the cat entrance was a process! We didn’t have an electric saw so between a drill and hand saw we got it, :).

Look how nice that turned out! Used 2 sets of magnetic closures for the doors, some decorative hinges, and two door knobs.

And then I stained it using Espresso oil based wood stain by MinWax. Before staining we had to take all the hardware off (hinges, magnetic closures, and hinges). This took about a week due to rainy weather. Did two coats. Then another week to varnish also due to rain, used 3 coats, also oil based MinWax.

Look how lovely it turned out!




Purse Display

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post. Been so busy making stock for my first craft show in over a year with a new concept: purses. I’ll be at the Green Hills YMCA in Nashville this Saturday, November 21st from 10am to 4pm at Crafty Nashville’s holiday market and premier event, :).

So I needed a way to display these purses… I looked all over Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart, Pinterest, etc. and found some options but nothing that was quite what I had in mind or in my price range.
So I drew a sketch, took some calculations (would it fit in my car) and went to Home Depot. Found some nice poplar 1 by 2’s to make a ladder basically, some hinges to make it foldable for portability, screws (the initial 1″ nails used did not work), and 9.25″ wide planks for the shelves.

 My lovely sketch: 
I ended up with 4 pieces of 1 by 2 inch pieces of wood 5 feet long and 8 pieces of the same 1 by 2 inch pieces of wood 9.5″ long. The long pieces were the frame and the shorter pieces the ladder rungs. Then the plank I had cut into a 2′, a 3.5′, and a 4.5′ pieces for the shelves.

Sanding them all down took awhile but putting it together was pretty simple. My boyfriend helped and drilled all the holes for the screws. We put one side of the ladder together, then the other, then attached the hinges at the top.

One side of the “ladder”: 

The hinges at the top:  
And voila, a sturdy purse display that folds up for easy transport, :).

Holds the purses really well, :).  

 I’ve also added temporary push pins to the bottom edges of each shelf so I don’t have to measure the display every time I set it up. It will always be at 3.5′ width at the bottom, :). I’ll add pieces of more secure wood later. 

Pretty proud of myself!

A New Look and Facebook Page!

Hey all, I am sure my loyal followers have noticed I have completely re-vamped my blog. Loving this new look! And I even started a Gallery page that I will perfect over time. I’ve made it so you can click on the image and it will take you to the blog post. Awesome, right?!?! I’ve also redone the menu bar to make it easier to browse through different categories both on the computer and on the cell phone, etc. As always it is a work in progress, :).

I have also created a new Facebook page! I used to have one but then I deleted it and have brought it back. You can like my page here. Basically I wanted a place I could post photos and updates without bombarding everyone’s inboxes, etc. I also have a Twitter account and Instagram if you would like to stalk me there as well, ;).

I have big plans this year for future projects and even creating my fist tutorial! I created my own iPhone arm band awhile back and have plans to make a PDF tutorial with a giveaway, so stay tuned! It’s amazing how far I have come in my sewing abilities and skills just within the past few years.

And a big thank you to everyone who follows me on here, :). I started this blog just for me but then started getting more into it as I realized how amazing it is to be able to Google a future pattern and see examples others have made and their advice. It’s my small contribution to the internets.

Currently working on a silk summer dress using Colette’s Dahila pattern in version 2. It’s coming along great!

Also, I have an Etsy shop here with a current sale, I’m calling it Christmas in July, ;). Using the code SANTA you can get 20% off your total purchase. So check it out!

New Toys!

Thank you to everyone who voted for me in the Threads Magazine SewStylish Spring contest! My prize was a gift card to Jo-Ann’s and I splurged, :).

This was round 1. I feel so professional now! I invested in a pretty pair of gold handlers Gingher scissors which are WONDERFUL to cut with. So smooth. A little on the heavy side but that’s ok.

To help me in my pattern making I invested in a 4 for 1 tool: straight edge, hip curve, French curve, and cut out slots. Yes, I am totally geeking out over a fancy ruler, ;). Next investment will be a Craftsy pants making course once I have the funds.

One of my next projects is silk so I got some pins to use with silks and lighter fabrics.

To make hemming easier I got a Dritz hem curve. WAY easier than measuring the hem out, cuts my hemming time down considerably.

And a jean-a-ma-jig for when I make my foray into jeans making someday.

I don’t have a pick of round 2 but it included some things to make my knitting life easier: gauge reader, row/stitch clicked, and end stoppers for double pointed needles.

I also got some beautiful white athletic material to make my 2nd Jalie skirt and needles. Lots of universal needles in various sizes which is great because I just broke my needle today.

So yeah, I’m way too excited about fun seeing and knitting supplies but that’s ok, :).

Standing Earring Photo Frame Display

I’m very proud of this earring display I created for about $15, :).


I purchased unpainted plain wood frame pieces in lengths of 24″ and 18″, Venetian gold paint, foam paintbrush, and 2 small wood blocks from Michaels. I then slid the frame pieces together.


After which I put 3 coats of paint on the frame pieces, then nailed 3 nails on each side of the frame about 4.5″‘apart that I then strung hand quilting thread on (about 3-4 times for each row) in order to hang my earrings.


After completing all these steps I finished by hot glueing the plain wood blocks on the bottom edges of the frame (my nails were too short), then painted these wood blocks to match the frame.


And voila! A free standing jewelry display, :). I’ll be using this at my Made in Nashville craft fair this Saturday, September 13.



Day Dreamers Part 2

Been a roll with creating new Day Dreamer earring designs. These are earrings I create making my own twisted colored copper wire hoops and then weave the traditional dream catcher design in the middle but I add beads and usually don’t add any dangling feathers. I call them a modern twist on a classic look.

In love with this 24k gold plated copper wire and light pink twisted duo accented with 24k gold plated seed beads, clear see beads, and central Swarovski white pearl. And all hung off of 24k gold earring hooks. I definitely try to use high quality materials! :). I think these will make excellent more fancy occasion earrings, ;).

I’ve listed them in my Etsy shop along with all my other earring designs.