Cheapest of the Cheap

I’m not sure if I’ll make the top 50 for the annual Tennessean’a Ms. Cheap’s Cheapest of the Cheap contest but submitted my idea anyway.

Been making a lot of my own workout gear of late because 1) workout clothes are EXPENSIVE! and 2) custom always fits better.

I’ve made 4 pair of leggings so far and have enough leftover fabric to make matching shorts or even swim suits.

And my awesome super cheap armband with a POCKET!!!! 🙂

Definitely lots more planned in the future for shirts, etc.

Here is my submission of links and sources gathered from lots of research:

To source my fabric I keep an eye on sales and coupons. Jo-Ann’s always has a nice selection and if you are on their email list always a coupon plus coupons in their mobile app. I’ve made several pairs for under $10 including the fabric, elastic, and thread. Other low-cost sources are the and who send out daily emails with whatever fabric is 10% off that day, also has a mailing list. Or if you want the good stuff and any of the other places located on this list by Fehr Trade: This is a great guide to deciding which fabrics are best: You can sign up for the McCall Pattern Company email list to be notified of their many sales on patterns, always a nice selection of athletic apparel patterns. Part of my foray into making my own clothes has been due in large part to making quality fitted items for a fraction of the cost they would be in store. With all the sales and options out there, making one’s own athletic apparel is definitely a savings! Also checking out thrift stores has some great options.

Free Patterns:





Sports bra:


Yoga pants:,

Yoga mat bag:

Patterns Sites:;;;;;;;



Standing Earring Photo Frame Display

I’m very proud of this earring display I created for about $15, :).


I purchased unpainted plain wood frame pieces in lengths of 24″ and 18″, Venetian gold paint, foam paintbrush, and 2 small wood blocks from Michaels. I then slid the frame pieces together.


After which I put 3 coats of paint on the frame pieces, then nailed 3 nails on each side of the frame about 4.5″‘apart that I then strung hand quilting thread on (about 3-4 times for each row) in order to hang my earrings.


After completing all these steps I finished by hot glueing the plain wood blocks on the bottom edges of the frame (my nails were too short), then painted these wood blocks to match the frame.


And voila! A free standing jewelry display, :). I’ll be using this at my Made in Nashville craft fair this Saturday, September 13.