Seamwork Ida Dress with Optional Cut-Out

As I mention every time I post a pic and review of a Seamwork Magazine pattern, I subscribe to their monthly magazine/patterns. I just can’t sing their praises enough and think everyone should take a look. Basically, for $6 per month, you get 2 credits to use towards any of their Seamwork patterns (1 credit = 1 pattern), or, they started allowing you to use the accumulated credits to use towards Colette patterns! With Colette’s patterns, you can use 3 Seamwork credits to purchase a PDF version of any of Colette’s patterns. The magazine articles are available to peruse for free, the $6 gets you 2 of their awesome patterns. I can never state enough how amazing I think this is. They come out with 2 new patters with every issue, but you can use the credits for ANY of their patterns. If you use my code, we both win, :). I get a free month and you get half off of your first month with the option to cancel at any time and still keep all of your patterns, not that I am canceling anytime soon, ;). Just click here! The 2 patterns this month are a basic t-shirt and pencil skirt. Last month was the Ida and Willie.

And now they offer so many awesome additions like a visual fit guide so you can better visualize which changes or adjustments you may need to make.


This review is over the Ida using the bonus pattern pieces for the back cut out. LOVE it!!! This dress came together super quick. The only changes I made were to skip adding the side slit, grading from a medium to a large at the hip line, and  I added a 1.5″ full bust adjustment using Jennifer Lauren’s tutorial.

I had no problem getting all of these pieces cut out of my 2 yards of 60″ wide scuba knit from Jo-Ann’s. This Nicole Miller fabric was just too perfect to pass up.

Other than the two adjustments mentioned (FBA, sizing, and no side slit), I made zero other changes, I didn’t even nip or tuck anything when I put the dress together. This is why I love Seamwork patterns so much, they are fairly quick and easy to put together and still look really great. I get so many compliments on all of my Seamwork pattern projects. With my new super busy schedule, it’s nice being able to still make a few things throughout the month.

And the photos of course! It was super freezing cold today, 18 degrees!!! But I got my kind boyfriend to quickly take a couple out on our deck to I could finally write this post up, :). The things I do for fashion, ;).


Vogue 8358

I wore this dress yesterday for probably the second time since I made it back in 2013 and realized I never did a post for it, so here it is.

Love this dress, super comfy and sexy. It is Vogue 8358. I used a basic black jersey knit from Jo-Ann’s and it came together super quick. I didn’t make any adjustments to the pattern or directions.

Just an easy, simple, elegant black dress, :). Perfect for a nice evening out during the spring or summer.

So Sew Easy’s Shrug

What’s better than a simple, easy pattern? A free one! I’ve been looking everywhere for a bolero style shrug to wear over my shoulder baring shirts in the cold office during the Spring and Summer.

Her pattern can be found at Deby’s site here.

It’s only 2 pieces and 3 seams. It really did take longer to print and piece together the pattern than to put it together, :). I used a soft 60/40 cotton/poly blend from Jo-Ann’s. Unfortunately for me the greatest direction of stretch was the wrong way and I had to cut about 2″ of length from the sleeves. I think I’ll use 4 way stretch next time.

The back was a bit looser than I was looking for so I took it in about an inch on the bottom back line and worked well. I also lettuce leaf sewed the sleeves, first time! And hemmed the edges due to the nature of the fabric I chose.

Overall super easy and will definitely make more!
The side:

And the back:  


Awesome Tote Bag

I was looking for Christmas gift ideas for a friend and decided on a tote. So I went in search of free patterns and came across the Renegade Tote Bag. Love it!

My friend is a HUGE Big Bang Theory fan so I ordered this from Spoonflower, an amazing site for unique fabrics. And lined it with Star Trek as that’s her other passion. This bag was geeked out to the max.

I only made a few changes to the original pattern posted. First I cut two separate side pieces so the pattern would be right side up instead of cutting out one large piece and folding in half. I also used 1″ wide cotton webbing.

Now I need to make one for myself!

Plethora of Leggings!


As is evidenced by the above image I have been making up a leggings storm! I discovered this do it yourself pattern tutorial a few months ago and find the leggings are super easy and quick to make! My first pair took the longest but now I can get a pair out in about an hour, :). Working on a 4th pair as I write this, ;). Still finishing up the 3rd pair of hearts fabric. Tried to make an inner waistband pocket but misjudged the width I’d left for the elastic so redoing the waistband using a 1″ elastic and a hanging attached inside pocket.

The tutorial I used can be found on So Sew Easy’s webiste in which she includes a how to measure video, downloadable excel sheet and complete instructions. It is also available through Craftsy for $2.95, or there is also a similar tutorial on One Little Minute’s blog.

My first pattern!


The first pair I made were these lovely bright green and blue animal print leggings with silver reflectives all over it. Perfect for running! Purchased them from Jo-Ann’s. Waistband was a little loose and length a little long but overall turned out well.


My next pair I made all the necessary adjustments and they are PERFECT! :). Purchased some wonderful athletic apparel quality fabric, :). It was the Zirotek black 7oz anti-microbial wicking fleece lined fabric from The Online Fabric Store. Used a 2″ wide elastic and my hand dandy pattern. Knocked these out in about an hour, :). You can’t see it very well but I used my twin needle stitching in the from seam, :).


The current pair is a performance piqué fabric purchased from Wonderful selection of fun fabrics! I got the hearts are wild in dark pink for my upcoming Valentine’s Day Hot Chocolate run. The fabric feels wonderful. The only negative is it is a 2 way stretch and not a 4 way, may try their Performance Knit for a future pair of shorts. So instead of being ankle length they turned out to be capris with the 2-way stretch.


I had planned a 2″ wide elastic band for these as well like the others but I misjudged some measurements and can only fit a 1″ wide elastic. I had created an inner waistband pocket and was so proud and excited about it. But I’ll just had to create an attached inner pocket instead. Next time. But here is a photo of the attempt.


For this pair because I only wanted to order 1 yard so I had to get creative with making the pattern into 3 parts: the main, the waistband, and the bottom cuff. My pattern measures about 39″, so close.


Currently working on a purple/black zebra print with silver metallics like the lime green pair, unfortunately can’t post a link because Jo-Ann’s no longer has it available. And a 2nd fleece lined black pair of course, :).

Biggest discovery is: use 4-way stretch!!! 2-way works but isn’t as comfy and you loose some length. Also learned why my twin needle kept snapping, was using the wrong stitch. Oops!

Standing Earring Photo Frame Display

I’m very proud of this earring display I created for about $15, :).


I purchased unpainted plain wood frame pieces in lengths of 24″ and 18″, Venetian gold paint, foam paintbrush, and 2 small wood blocks from Michaels. I then slid the frame pieces together.


After which I put 3 coats of paint on the frame pieces, then nailed 3 nails on each side of the frame about 4.5″‘apart that I then strung hand quilting thread on (about 3-4 times for each row) in order to hang my earrings.


After completing all these steps I finished by hot glueing the plain wood blocks on the bottom edges of the frame (my nails were too short), then painted these wood blocks to match the frame.


And voila! A free standing jewelry display, :). I’ll be using this at my Made in Nashville craft fair this Saturday, September 13.