Plethora of Leggings!


As is evidenced by the above image I have been making up a leggings storm! I discovered this do it yourself pattern tutorial a few months ago and find the leggings are super easy and quick to make! My first pair took the longest but now I can get a pair out in about an hour, :). Working on a 4th pair as I write this, ;). Still finishing up the 3rd pair of hearts fabric. Tried to make an inner waistband pocket but misjudged the width I’d left for the elastic so redoing the waistband using a 1″ elastic and a hanging attached inside pocket.

The tutorial I used can be found on So Sew Easy’s webiste in which she includes a how to measure video, downloadable excel sheet and complete instructions. It is also available through Craftsy for $2.95, or there is also a similar tutorial on One Little Minute’s blog.

My first pattern!


The first pair I made were these lovely bright green and blue animal print leggings with silver reflectives all over it. Perfect for running! Purchased them from Jo-Ann’s. Waistband was a little loose and length a little long but overall turned out well.


My next pair I made all the necessary adjustments and they are PERFECT! :). Purchased some wonderful athletic apparel quality fabric, :). It was the Zirotek black 7oz anti-microbial wicking fleece lined fabric from The Online Fabric Store. Used a 2″ wide elastic and my hand dandy pattern. Knocked these out in about an hour, :). You can’t see it very well but I used my twin needle stitching in the from seam, :).


The current pair is a performance piqué fabric purchased from Wonderful selection of fun fabrics! I got the hearts are wild in dark pink for my upcoming Valentine’s Day Hot Chocolate run. The fabric feels wonderful. The only negative is it is a 2 way stretch and not a 4 way, may try their Performance Knit for a future pair of shorts. So instead of being ankle length they turned out to be capris with the 2-way stretch.


I had planned a 2″ wide elastic band for these as well like the others but I misjudged some measurements and can only fit a 1″ wide elastic. I had created an inner waistband pocket and was so proud and excited about it. But I’ll just had to create an attached inner pocket instead. Next time. But here is a photo of the attempt.


For this pair because I only wanted to order 1 yard so I had to get creative with making the pattern into 3 parts: the main, the waistband, and the bottom cuff. My pattern measures about 39″, so close.


Currently working on a purple/black zebra print with silver metallics like the lime green pair, unfortunately can’t post a link because Jo-Ann’s no longer has it available. And a 2nd fleece lined black pair of course, :).

Biggest discovery is: use 4-way stretch!!! 2-way works but isn’t as comfy and you loose some length. Also learned why my twin needle kept snapping, was using the wrong stitch. Oops!