Butterick 6143 Version C

I’ve had Butterick 6143 for awhile and finally decided what to make it with! I made my Vogue Cape a few years ago (details here) but I just never wore it. The 100% super soft amazing quality wool I had used was too good to let waste away, so I took several days to tediously unpick all of the panels, iron them, and strategically place all of my pattern pieces to make my Butterick coat!

Here is the before pic of the cloak and the after of my coat, :).

It took a bit, but I managed to eke out just enough to make the coat minus the front facings and collar, so I decided to make those with faux fur. Luckily I rarely throw scrap fabric away and still had a nice bit of the wool left uncut, :).

Overall the coat construction went smoothly and pretty easy. Made a mock up first, highly recommend! I ended up taking the shoulder seams in about an inch on both sides and down the back.

I also didn’t have quite enough fabric for the one piece sleeves so I re-drafted them into 2 piece sleeves using Thread’s tutorial on converting symmetrical sleeves. Worked out perfect! Because I interlined the entire coat with Thinsulate I only used a 1/2″ seam on the sleeve portions.

Look at those sleeve lines, so nice!

Speaking of interlining, it took forever! But worth it for the extra warmth. I sewed each piece onto the outer coat pieces though it is recommended to sew them onto the lining pieces. So I had to deal with some fuzzies. Per the instructions I put the quilted side facing the outside. Then the lining was Bemberg rayon and the faux fur is from Jo-Ann’s. I got wolf, so soft!

Next up: the faux fur… overall not too bad until I got to the button holes. I cut it very carefully to prevent fuzz flying everywhere. My machine did well until the button holes. It struggled big time even after trimming down the fur around. One worked well, the other 2 on the front facing portion not so much. Took me THREE hours of unpicking and finally breaking down and making the holes myself without my auto one step.

A pic of the one button hole that looked good that the machine worked for. You can also see some blue ribbon on the side. To tame down the fur I trimmed it down and then put a ribbon over it to look nice and be functional.

As for attaching the lining to the outer shell I followed the directions but edge stitched the entire outline as well so everything would lay nice and flat. As for sizing, I made a 16 with the D cup pieces. My measurements are 41-31-41. Usually I have to do a FBA but not for this coat. And roomy enough for a light weight sweater underneath, :).

And voila, a gorgeous fall coat! LOVE the color and faux fur accent. The gold buttons were gifted to me.

And a pic of the insides. I really need to make some tags to put in my handmade items. I used Bemberg rayon lining.


Vogue 1169: Finished Suit

Hello there!  I’ve had this suit finished for about a month now but am just now getting to writing about it, ;).  It’s been a busy month!  The suit turned out fantastic!  I just love it and have plans to make another variation of it with pants and then turning the suit top into a vest.

This is the suit front:


Front view of Vogue 1169 suit

And the back:


Back view of Vogue 1169 suit

This was my first attempt at making a suit for myself and the second advanced pattern I’ve tried, so I was very happy with the results.  The most difficult task for me was fitting the pattern to myself.  I first adjusted the pattern pieces, then cut out a muslim mock-up before sewing the actual fabric together.  It was a few extra steps but definitely worth the additional time!

As for this current project I’ve heard stories on how difficult piping can be but I found it to not be too bad.  Granted, my sewing machine does not like sewing piping, or zippers for that matter, but it is a basic Singer Simple, so not that surprised.  I ended up hand-sewing all the piping.  Now you may be saying “Oh wow!” but for me hand-sewing can be quite relaxing and definitely less stressful than fighting my machine!  I also added contrasting hand-pick stitching around the back of the suit collar to top stitch the facing into place.  I also love my fabric covered buttons and how well they bring the contrasting pink fabric together.

I did have a little trouble with putting the piping into the welted pockets but overall feel it turned out very nice.  The sleeves were very easy to do once you sort out which way to fold the fabric.  And the living matches my accents making it gorgeous on the inside as well as the outside.

Below are some photos of the suit detailing:


Inside of suitImage

Buttons, pick stitching, and piping!

Suit collar detailing with piping


Sleeve with piping and pick-stitching details


Front welt pockets with piping and pick stitching


Back view of the skirt showing lining and pick stitching