PUG Alison and Jalie 2796

I made my own sports bra!!! And it fits pretty well, :). So tired of spending so much in sports bras from the store so I’m pretty excited, :).

The sports bra pattern is Pinup Girls Alison. It’s a front close sports bra which is awesome, no wrangling it over my head.

The actual construction is pretty simple and easy. Only adjustments I made were to take in the sides about 1/2″ on each side and use a 1″ wide elastic for the band since I didn’t have any 1.5″ wide on hand. The wickable black exterior fabric and pre-molded bra cups I got from Bra Makers Supply.

Overall I really like how it turned out and fits. Next time I would make the arm holes a bit larger as they are a bit tight. Next time I am going to try Green Style Creations Endurance Bra once I get my supplies.

The Jalie running skirt was also pretty straight forward as this is my 3rd make, first one not adding my customized back skirt pleats. I like to add a 2″ wide elastic to the waistband and hemmed everything 3/8″ instead of 3/4″. The fabric is this amazing wickable Under Armour brand from our local sewing store.

I’ve run 6 miles in both of these and they are pretty great. The shorts didn’t ride up at all and the sports bra delivered minimal bounce.


And best part? Pockets on each side!!!


Pneuma Tank Take 2

Love this pattern! This is the Pneuma Tank pattern by Papercut Patterns and my second one (1st one found here). Decided to make the sports bra in a size medium this time and the tank in a size small like last time and it worked  out perfectly! I lined the sports bra with swim suit lining bought from Jo-Ann’s and the exterior is a navy blue swimsuit fabric and the tank is a rayon print, both from Fabric.com. I LOVE this print and have also made a sleeveless cowl neck shirt out of it too blogger about here.

 A close up the sports bra before I added the tank:  

As can be seen I’ve hidden all the elastic. I followed the pattern stitching it to the outside fabric first, then turning it under. During this step I added the lining simply folding up the seam allowance (the width of the elastic) and then using a twin needle to stitch the two together.

 A bit of a close up of the twin needle stitching. I did the bottom band twice, once on the bottom and once right at th top of the elastic to ensure it stayed in place. 
And then I ironed the elastic to give it some stretch back…too hot for the spandex and I melted it, :(. Several hours of work with a seam ripper I was able to save the elastic and lining. This thing was put together well! Each elastic is basically zig zagged and 3 piece zig tagged 2-3 times and then twin needle top stitched the bottom back and upper edges…

I made sure to tuck the tank pieces into the sports bra for a more finished look. And overcast all of the edges.


And the strappy back! I used fold over elastic which works really well. This tank will ever only be a yoga or Zumba tank for me though, not compressing enough for running.

Overall an easy make, :). And beautiful.


And this shot took lots of running and jumping but I managed to get a good one! I’m flying!

And this tank looks great with jeans for a night out too!


Pneuma Tank

Was so excited to finally make this! And to try out my new remote photo clicker, ;). It was a bit of trial and error making the tank and not perfect but a good first try. The tank part was easy and the bra is as well but I was trying to add compression to the sports bra which made it tricky. The Pneuma Tank pattern from Papercut patterns can be purchased in wither PDF or mailed copy. I went with the PDf for instant gratification and easier to make different sizes. I just printed off and taped together a master copy that I use my tracing paper to make the pattern pieces. Also FYI, do not try to download on your iPhone or Kindle as I tried to do, doesn’t work! The file comes in a zip format so needs to be downloaded from a computer.

For the sports bra and capris I used this gorgeous purple slub performance polyester/spandex (87/13) blend from Jo-Ann’s. And then for the tank I used this fun black mesh knit also from Jo-Ann’s.

For the sports bra I ended up using 3 layers: 2 of the purple slub which is a 87/13 polyester/spandex blend and a sturdy inner layer of 93/7 polyester/spandex blend. The purple slub is the external fabric and lining. Using just two layers of the purple slub wasn’t giving me the compression I was looking for and didn’t have any power mesh to give that a go. I think after reading Fehr Trade’s journey in making sports bras here. The layering up on fabric was an idea I got from Clipped Curves. I think with my 34DD’s I’ll be sticking with fancy compression/encapsulation sports bras for running, but this will be great for Zumba and yoga and the low-impact stuff. The fun part was stitching the 3 layers and all the elastics together… I used a size small sports bra and took it in for added compression. Usually I wear mediums so next time I may add some height to the sports bra. I used a size medium for the tank.

The front:

And the back:

Next time I may make the tank a little longer.

And here are some pix of the tank on my body double:

Love those criss-cross straps! After research I used 5/8″ wide fold over elastic I found at my local Jo-Ann’s in lots of fun colors. I decided on pink and purple to match the fabric.

And had to capture one of the back of those pretty criss-cross straps, :). So comfy!

The pants were the same pattern I created from So Sew Easy. She has lots of great patterns. I decided to make this pair in a capri length for Spring/Summer. This is probably my 5th pair now… Might try some shorts next. I used a 2″ wide elastic waist band. So comfy!

And got to use my twin needles for great seaming! I may invest in a wider twin needle for those 1/4″ seams.

And of course some fun outdoor poses, :). Overall the tank is super comfy and looks and feels great with the capris. I definitely have plans to make a few more of these tanks, ;). Better work on some of my other projects first though! I’m thinking bikini next…

Gotta do the warrior pose.

Stretch it out.

Cheapest of the Cheap

I’m not sure if I’ll make the top 50 for the annual Tennessean’a Ms. Cheap’s Cheapest of the Cheap contest but submitted my idea anyway.

Been making a lot of my own workout gear of late because 1) workout clothes are EXPENSIVE! and 2) custom always fits better.

I’ve made 4 pair of leggings so far and have enough leftover fabric to make matching shorts or even swim suits.

And my awesome super cheap armband with a POCKET!!!! 🙂

Definitely lots more planned in the future for shirts, etc.

Here is my submission of links and sources gathered from lots of research:

To source my fabric I keep an eye on sales and coupons. Jo-Ann’s always has a nice selection and if you are on their email list always a coupon plus coupons in their mobile app. I’ve made several pairs for under $10 including the fabric, elastic, and thread. Other low-cost sources are the onlinefabricstore.net and fabric.com who send out daily emails with whatever fabric is 10% off that day, hartsfabrics.com also has a mailing list. Or if you want the good stuff spandexbyyard.com and any of the other places located on this list by Fehr Trade: http://www.fehrtrade.com/article/748/where-to-buy-exercise-fabric-a-global-list. This is a great guide to deciding which fabrics are best: https://www.seamworkmag.com/issues/2015/01/a-guide-to-activewear-fabrics. You can sign up for the McCall Pattern Company email list to be notified of their many sales on patterns, always a nice selection of athletic apparel patterns. Part of my foray into making my own clothes has been due in large part to making quality fitted items for a fraction of the cost they would be in store. With all the sales and options out there, making one’s own athletic apparel is definitely a savings! Also checking out thrift stores has some great options.

Free Patterns:

Leggings: http://so-sew-easy.com/leggings-pattern-tutorial/

Armband: http://www.maidenjane.com/2012/08/diy-ipod-armband-case-with-window-tutorial.html/; http://shop.fehrtrade.com/collections/frontpage/products/running-armband-pocket; https://jaeboyd.wordpress.com/2015/03/24/trials-of-creating-my-own-iphone-armband/

T-shirt: http://www.randomlyhappyblog.com/2013/05/how-to-sew-make-your-own-t-shirt-pattern.html

Shorts: http://mellysews.com/2013/07/bias-trimmed-shorts-for-women-with-free-pattern.html

Sports bra: http://www.autostraddle.com/make-a-thing-sports-bra-and-wireless-lace-bra-227855/

Underwear: http://clothhabit.com/free-pattern-rosy-ladyshorts/; http://www.makebra.com/free-hipster-pattern/

Yoga pants: http://sweet-verbena.blogspot.com/2012/02/yoga-pants-tutorial.html,

Yoga mat bag: http://www.amybutlerdesign.com/pdfs/NigellaYogaBag.pdf

Patterns Sites: http://www.jocole.net/catalog/; http://www.simplicity.com/; http://www.jalie.com/; http://mccallpattern.mccall.com/;  http://kwiksew.mccall.com/; http://shop.fehrtrade.com/; http://papercutpatterns.com/; https://www.etsy.com/